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Getting creative

Another busy week in Year 5 and as always I have been impressed with the children’s attitudes towards their work.  We have enjoyed creating some lovely artwork inspired by the artist Hundertwasser which is now on display along KS2 corridor. Why not pop in to have a look.

Over the last few weeks the children in Year 5 have been immersed in stories from different cultures. They have enjoyed reading and a range of short stories, some of which are traditional tales from distant places and others are more contemporary. We have listened to some of the tales from Arabian Nights and discussed the descriptive detail which brings the story setting alive. We have focused on writing our own description, created out own synonym word bank and used these on complex sentences.  We are also using these stories as inspiration and have been creating ideas for our own stories. We will be planning and writing these story over the next week.

In science we have been closely watching the various seeds we have planted. We moved the seedlings planted indoors to the edible garden. It has been a nervous week waiting and watching what will happen to the young shoots. We’ve been very diligent and watered regularly. However we did not catered for the hungry snails, who have enjoyed munching away at our cauliflowers and wiped out any growth! Maybe we will have more success with our other vegetables.

The children enjoyed working on their D&T project, which was to create a moving toy. They examined and made a simple cam mechanisms, using axels, wheels and snail cams which moved different parts on their toy (creating linear and circular movement.) Some children did find some aspects quite difficult and it was great to see how they helped each other to overcome problems with their designs. Our finished products are on display in the hall and you are welcome to come in and have a look.

We have started our next geography enquiry and have been finding out about volcanoes and earthquakes. The children have already shared lots of great facts and information about volcanoes. We mapped out where volcanoes can be found and identified the ‘ring of fire’ which is located around the Pacific Ocean. The children shared interesting facts about earthquake zones and discussed where recent earthquakes have taken place.

Over the next few weeks the children will be focusing on the link between decimals, fractions and percentages in maths. They will be identifying fraction and percentage equivalence and using this information to solve simple problems. Why not point out where percentages can be found in real life situations and what they mean.

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Walk Once a Week (WoW)

This term we are working with the ‘I Will if You Will’ team of Bury to look at ways of keeping healthy and active both at school and in the community.

On Monday 16th May we launch our exciting new campaign to encourage both children and their parents and carers to walk to school at least once a week.

The WoW Scheme

Living Streets Walk once a Week (WoW) scheme is an incentive based initiative encouraging primary school children and their families to walk to school.

The concept is simple – children walking at least once a week are rewarded with a monthly collectable badge based on the theme of ‘Our Healthy Planet.’ Children can then download a walk to school app to bring the WoW badges to life via 3D content. You can download the app by searching ‘walk to school’ within the App Store or Google Play.

Even if you live too far away or don’t have time to walk the whole way to school, all children can participate in WoW by walking at least 5-10 minutes to school. Simply get off the bus a stop earlier or park a bit further away and walk the rest – just once a week.



Why take part?

The benefits of walking to school are wide ranging, including:

ECO-FRIENDLY: it’s a cost-effective and fun way for everyone to do their bit for the environment.

SAFETY: not only is it a perfect time for children to learn important road safety skills, but more walking to school means fewer cars crowding the school gates.

HEALTHY BODY:  the walk to school provides regular exercise to help children stay fit and healthy and makes them more alert and ready to learn.

HIDDEN TREASURES: walking to school can help pupils build up confidence and independence and develop their knowledge of the local community.

FUN AND SOCIAL: it’s an ideal time for children and their families.


Each day in class we will record how children have travelled to school and badges will be given out at the end of each month.

For more information on the Walk to school campaign visit

We hope you enjoy walking to school this term.

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Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung the grass we planted has grown and the flowers in the garden are looking gorgeous. This week the children have really enjoyed drawings ‘observational drawing’ of the beautiful blossom tree outside our classroom. They will be displayed in the conservatory , shortly. Over the last couple of weeks we have been talking about ‘special places’ it would be lovely if you could talk about yours to your child and encourage them to talk about theirs. Thank you to all those parents who made comments on the Maths homework they have been very helpful. It was good to hear that children were using lots of different strategies to solve the problems. Have a fabulous weekend. Regards Michelle Duckworth


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Busy, busy, busy


[easy-image-collage id=13729]

It’s been a busy few weeks in Year 5.  The children returned to school fresh after the Easter break and raring to go.

We made an active start to our Science enquiry, where we will be looking at how plants grow.  We had fun clearing out the overgrown Edible Garden and preparing the ground.  It was interesting to hear the children share their own gardening stories and the types of things they have previously planted with various family members.  We chatted about the different mini beasts we found and different types of weeds pulled out.

We planted a number of seeds indoors too, and will transfer them outdoors once they have grown.  The children are enjoying watering and caring for the seedlings that have now sprouted.   The gardens are now all planted; we have onions, carrots, beans, tomatoes, spinach, pumpkins, cauliflowers and much more!  Fingers crossed for some good weather over the next few weeks.

In literacy, the children have been busy reading a number of stories from different cultures.  We watched a few short films too which really helped us understand the detail we need to include when writing our own stories.  The children were able to identify that they needed to include detail about the “human and physical geography” to really capture the culture of another country.  It’s great to see that children are making links between different curriculum areas and transferring understanding.

We ended the week with recaping our enquiry work in History and how Unsworth has changed over the last 100 years.  We then discussed and predicted what changes might take place over the next 50-100 years.  The children had some amusing ideas about how life might change and the types of facilities that might become available.  They then redesigned buildings, created some of their own and began remodelling the map of the local area.

A great week everyone.

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Quality achievements

On Monday last week we welcomed two assessors into school to spend the day with us in order to evaluate our work for the basic skills Quality Mark. This is our fourth renewal of the Quality Mark which is assessed every three years.

The basic skills Quality Mark is an award that celebrates and supports continuous improvement in literacy and numeracy. It is awarded to a setting or school to recognise their provision, practice and performance in literacy and numeracy, and is valid for three years.

A school or setting must demonstrate a whole school approach to improving standards in literacy and numeracy, with evidence of the impact of its approaches. It should provide a framework for self-evaluation and continuous improvement of the basic skills of all pupils in a school, including those who underachieve and those who underattain.

To renew the award, a school must demonstrate that:

  • it continues to meet the criteria for all ten elements
  • there have been developments in basic skills that have had a positive impact on standards
  • there continues to be a whole school commitment to improving basic skills.

This year, we have also applied for the Early Years Quality Mark. This assesses whether a school provides a framework for self-evaluation and continuous improvement of the skills, particularly in communication, language and mathematical development, of young children through activities suitable for the stage of development they have reached.

At the end of the day we were delighted to achieve both Quality Mark awards. The assessors reported that they had been overwhelmed by the quality of our pupils’ work and their ability to talk about their learning. They were also impressed with the structures we have in place to ensure progress for every child. When we have the final written reports we will share them with parents and carers via our website.

We are rightly proud of our children and their efforts. The support and involvement of parents and carers is invaluable in their success as learners. The third element in this success is the commitment and sheer hard work of our staff. Without these three elements we would not achieve what we do for our children.

Together We Build Understanding


Sing into Spring

Welcome to the start of the new term. As the weather starts to improve and the days get longer we like to sing about the Spring and New beginnings.  Our assembly theme this week is all about Creativity, so it was fitting that we found a song called ‘Creativity’ to perform in our singing assembly this morning.

Year 3 have done an amazing job of learning the song ‘Food Glorious Food from the musical Oliver. They are to perform it in their assembly on Thursday.  I am sure you will enjoy it and be impressed with their singing.

Although the children have had a break from school, I am impressed with how well they have settled back into their instrumental lessons today. Our Wider Opportunities Y2 Ocarinas and Y5 Brass sounded amazing so ‘Well done’ to all!  All our instrumentalists will soon be choosing their repertoire to perform at our annual Musical afternoon (date to be confirmed).  This year should be our biggest extravaganza to date and will of course include a debut performance from the guitarists and ukulele players who learn with ‘Fidler Music.’

As ever, if you have any queries or questions about music or instrumental lessons, please call in to school any Tuesday morning.

Mrs Geelan

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Messing around

On our first week back the children have been playing outside most nights, they have been enjoying the dry weather. The children have been playing with their friends, playing badminton, making colourful patterns with the pegs and pushing the babies about in the prams. We have had the ice, shaving foam, salt dough and water out.

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end of Easter Club

Today in Easter club we all went to the park and had alot of fun . We watched a film called Pan it was really good and we had popcorn and rainbow drops. We had an Easter egg hunt and each of us got 2 eggs, they were  yummy.Then we decorated  biscuits which we took home.We  all have had a great time . Charlotte year 2

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Easter club FUN!!

What a fun and busy few days we have had. The children and the staff are ready for the weekend. We have walked to the park and the enjoyed yummy iced fingers from the bakery. We loved having our dinner in the dens we made this morning. We decorated plastic eggs and had an egg and spoon race in the hall, even the staff had a go and Miss Costin won :~)

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The start of Easter club

All of the children have had a great day in Easter club. We have played outside in Reception’s garden and the boys played badminton. In the afternoon we all had lunch together and setted down to watch a film. The children loved eating popcorn and sweets. Tomorrow we hope to go to the park if the weather stays fine, so lets keep our  fingers crossed over night! Also on Wednesday we plan to walk to the bakery, so if your child/children are in, could they please bring in 50p for an ice-finger? Thank you