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Buddies and Blossoming

Well each of our Year Six children have met their buddies, made them a special welcome card ( containing  their own personal message) and presented them in assembly on Thursday, where Reception were officially welcomed into the ‘Unsworth Family’ – our school community.  Sometime is spent carefully matching each Y6 and Reception pupil.  This is definitely a highlight of the school year for our Year 6 pupils and it always a delight to see the care they show towards our youngest pupils.  It is also a very responsible job, which always has a positive effect on our older pupils, who relish the challenge and seem to blossom in both maturity and confidence.  There will be a number of opportunities for the buddies to meet throughout the year.  All of Y6 made us very proud on Thursday, especially when they introduced themselves to parents and carers after the assembly as well. 

Our first piece of homework was returned this week and I was impressed with the quality of homework that was produced.  They will use the information gathered to create their own biographies, which will be published and shared at parent’s evening, later in the month.  I know the children are eager to impress and show off their writing skills!  The children have been set a new piece of homework this week, linked to our History enquiry ‘The Battle of Britain’ and they have the opportunity to decide which area they would like to focus on. Each member of class has also been allocated maths games in their Bug Club and Maths Abacus account, which they may like to visit to practise reading larger numbers.  We are still awaiting delivery of our homework books and these should be here hopefully for next week.

This week, we will:   find out more about Dunkirk and using historical sources; as well as learning the differences and similarities between viruses, fungi and bacteria; develop our ability to write in a formal biographical style and build on our understanding of place value including rounding and some decimal work.

The following are just a few of the pictures from our recent DT topic ‘ War Time Inspired Cooking’.  The children created their own potato scones and various mashed potato spreads for sandwiches as well as some rather delightful salads. This was all shared at our ‘War Time Tea Party’!   It was agreed that most of the foods, smelt or looked better than they tasted.  Our DT floor book showing all the learning that took place in this unit will again be available for viewing at Parents Evening.

IMG_1196 IMG_1198 IMG_1199 IMG_1200

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A huge thank you!

A huge thank you to everyone who visited our Book Fair this week and who got involved in celebrating  Roald Dahl’s Birthday on Wednesday by bringing a prop, a book or wearing an entire costume!  It has been lovely to see so many children excited about buying and looking at the books on sale.  The fair and ‘Dress up for Dahl Day’ has been a fantastic success in creating a buzz around books and promoting reading for pleasure, with over £800 worth of books having been sold throughout the week.  Your generosity and support has meant that the school will receive nearly £500 worth of free books for the school library!  Our school library will be open from next Friday lunchtime and our newly appointed librarians or ‘Word Warriors’ as we like to call them will be on hand to help out! 

Congratulations as well to our five raffle winners, ( from Reception, Y1, Y4  and Y6)  who all received and cashed in a £5 gift voucher today. 


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The new school year has begun

Well Year Six have begun to get into the swing of things this week, with their first full week. They have all been given jobs of responsiblity around school and are now eagerly awaiting meeting their ‘Reception Buddy’.

Our first writing unit of the year has begun and we have started to read a selection of biographies this week, about Usain Bolt, Martin Luther King and of course Roald Dahl ( it was his birthday on Wednesday after all). The class have been set their first homework task, which is to find out some facts about someone who has or has had an interesting life.

We have also begun our Battle of Britain topic as well as our science topic where we will begin to learn more about micro-organisms. The class have also had their first session with a gymnastics coach and lots of stretching and balancing was done by all.

On Thursday, the class worked with a partner checking the spellings that they had been learning over the past week. I was impressed with how organised the children were with their home spelling books and how well they did.

There was of course a great finish to the end of the week with the children being ‘evacuated’ to the safety of Stockport with Mrs Darby. Pictures to follow in a future blog………..

Next year, there is lots to look forward to. Of course there is the trip to Robin Wood for many of our Y6 pupils, with Mrs Ali, Mr Garside and Mr Evans and as well we will be working on our DT food skills, by preparing some war time inspired potato scones, salads and mashed potato sandwich spreads! The children will be able to wear their costumes again on Tuesday if they wish as we prepare our War time ‘feast’ and have a ‘ 1940’s Tea Party’ on Tuesday afternoon.

Year Six is definitely a fun, busy place to be!

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Year 4’s clever coders

Year 4 have been creating their own games. The children have worked really well using a lot of skills, programming characters to move, fire objects, speak etc. using simple algorithms. Some of the children have also used repeat commands and variables such as scoring systems/ vanishing characters if they get hit. If you would like to play their games, please use a QR reader and scan the code. 





























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Enquiry fun!

This week we are thinking about all our learning over the past few weeks in our history enquiry about seaside holidays and will be creating models in groups to represent our learning. We will also be sharing our learning with you at our class assembly next Thursday! We are all very excited! In our science enquiry we have been learning  about the enchanted woodlands, this week we are thinking about the different parts of a plant and will observe plants closely using magnifying glasses. Next week we will work together to plan our science investigation around plants. For our independent writing we will be applying all of our learning from the past few weeks and writing our own recounts about a trip to the seaside. These will be displayed in the classroom on our writing showcase wall when we have finished! In maths we have started to look at the fraction half in many different  ways such as objects, amounts and shapes and will move onto finding a quarter too. We look forward to seeing you all at our class assembly next week! 


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Welcome back!

We had a great first week back, we have started our new enquiry, seaside holidays, where we will focus on how holidays have changed from the Victorian times to now. We also have an ice cream parlour in our classroom where the children can use their imagination and creativity and spend a day at the seaside! In literacy we have started to look at recounts and the features they have. This week, we will begin sharing some ideas to create our own group recounts. Our Science enquiry this half term is ‘Enchanted Woodlands’. The children are very excited to use our new outdoor learning area,and the space we have around school, to find out about different plants and trees. We will also be thinking about naming the parts of a plant. This week, we will start by finding out some information by looking at photographs and non fiction books.

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An eggciting week!

Year 1 will be having some eggciting easter fun this week, we are looking forward to our egg rolling competition and the egg hunt on Friday! Before that we will be making changes to our independent African stories ready to send them home in a book for you to read! The children are very excited to be bringing home their work to show you. Don’t forget progress evenings this Monday and Tuesday night, feel free to bring your child along to have a look through their books and hear all about their super learning. I look forward to seeing you all there! 


Miss Dooley 

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Construction fun in Y1

This week we have been having great fun in Year 1 thinking all about our moving picture books that we brought in last week. The children investigated the books and talked about what they liked about them. We then moved on to practising the skills linked with moving pictures such as fixed, temporary and permemant joins to make pictures move. We are in the middle of creating our own large scale moving books based on our literacy theme stories from a range of cultures. We can’t wait for you to see our finished work at the event on Thursday. Come along and leave your thoughts on our work! Year 1 have really impressed me with their amazing ideas and hard work! 

Year 4 Blog

Achieving personal bests


It was great to see the year 4 children working well together and individually today in P.E. They regularly supported each other offering positive feedback and areas to improve, and celebrated each other’s successes. 

Every child in the lesson strived to achieve their personal best. This was evident in the javelin throw as their individual cone was going further and further down the hall. I look forward to improved weather conditions to see how far some of our talented children can throw the javelin! We have some expert throwers as the hall was not long enough!

The children also shared roles in timekeeping and measuring. iPads were used to offer a visual video form of feedback. The children used this to improve/ change their technique, seeking for improvements. The standing long jump was an excellent example of this as the children found that bending their knees and using their arms effectively made them jump further.

It really was an enjoyable lesson and it was great to see everyone working together to achieve. #togetherwebuildunderstanding




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Around the World

Year 1 had a fantastic first day back. We have jumped straight into our geography enquiry ‘Around the World’. Throughout this enquiry we will be focussing on hot and cold places around the world, basic mapping skills and learning about the equator. We will also be thinking about the seasons and how weather changes throughout the seasons and around the world. The children are very excited to become weather reporters in ‘Unsworth Weather Studio!’ In Literacy we have started to look at stories from a range of cultures, this week we will read a selection of stories and think about their features, layout and all the different characters. 

We are looking forward to dressing up for world book day on Thursday!