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Super learning!

As usual the children have been working really hard this year and it is noticeable in their learning. We have been learning about fractions in Maths, as well as revisiting place value. In English we have been reading, learning about and writing information texts. The children have loved learning about dinosaurs! We have also been trying to improve our writing; making our handwriting better and improving our sentences. We have finished our learning about the Great Fire of London and have moved on to looking at what fame means and people who are famous. This will include looking at famous people from the past, such as Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. In Science we have been learning about health, focusing on diet, hygiene and exercise. The children have been really enthusiastic about their learning and have remembered lots of great facts. This week we have also been looking at staying safe on the Internet, to coincide with Safer Internet Day. The children had lots of fantastic ideas. Well done Year 2, keep trying hard!! Miss Robinson

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Well Done Year 1!

I would just like to say well done to the class for their lovely assembly on Thursday morning they all tried their best with their speaking parts and singing. We had some amazing costumes so thank you to parents too! The children have enjoyed the ‘We write’ stage of our writing route map this week, we have been retelling some of our fanstasy stories focussing on our tool kit tips for what makes a great story. In our history enquiry we have started to look at Christopher Columbus, the children amazed me with their enthusiasm and remembered lots of facts! Another super week well done Year 1! 

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Mindset, Multiplication and Maps

As always the children in Year 5 have been working extremely hard. It is lovely to see the children are growing in confidence and becoming more independent with how they approach their work. At the start of the week we revisited the messages from the Growth Mindset workshop. The children thought about the skills needed to become successful in their learning, including ‘how’ good learning takes place and that ‘effort’ always leads to success.

This particular aspect has been so obvious to see in maths over the last few weeks. The children have been focusing on multiplication methods and moving from informal to more standard methods of calculation. Not an easy method to master particularly if you are a bit shaky on your tables. As always, I have been repeating my mantra and reminding the children about how important it is to learn the multiplication. I can see that some of the children have been putting in the effort and are breezing through these tricky methods.


If you would like to support your child to learn the multiplication facts, than pop into school and pick up some resources from me so you can help at home.



We’ve made a great start to our next history enquiry too. The children enjoyed comparing old and new OS maps and looked at how Unsworth has changed. They worked in small groups and created 3D models of how this area might have looked 100 years ago. The children added pop up houses, farms and even Victoria Mill which once stood where our school is today. They were amazed to learn that even their houses did not exist 100 years ago. We’ve also had some great resources brought in by one of the children, showing his great grand parents gardening in their ‘new’ 1960s house and the initial stages of our school being erected in the background!

In science the children have been thinking about how different animal groups begin their life, including those that start as an egg and those that give birth to live young. The children worked in pairs to show different life cycle models, adding on information about each stage of the cycle.




Over the next few weeks, we should be getting a new addition to our class…so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to find out about this exciting work.

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Fantasy World Fun

Over the past week the children have enjoyed accessing our fantasy themed provision areas in the classroom linked to our literacy text type. They have been doing some fantastic role play and retelling of stories. Alongside this they have been working hard rehearsing for their class assembly tomorrow. They are very excited about their performance! I’m sure they will impress you with their super singing and acting. 

In maths we have been solving missing number sequences using our knowledge of counting in 10s and 2s, we are getting really good! We have also been continuing our history enquiry work on famous explorers. 

We look forward to seeing you all at our class assembly tomorrow! 

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Learn to Succeed

Year Five and Six had a fantastic time on Friday with Tim Hall, who ran a workshop throughout the day all based around ‘Learning to Succeed’.  Hopefully, you managed to see the various tweets surrounding the events that were sent through the day.

The whole day explored some important ideas:

  • Why did you come to school today?
  • You can learn anything if you want to!
  • EFFORT always leads to results
  • We learn through following a process
  • Life is a lot easier if you get on with everyone

All of this was done in a fun and highly interactive way.  The children participated in building teepees, taking part in a name game, recording their thoughts about what success means to them, making paper aeroplanes, learning the steps of how to juggle and the ‘pen trick’.  The children as usual were a credit to the school and Tim commented on the high levels of perseverance and listening skills of the pupils that took part.  Thank you very much to the PTA, who funded this experience for our pupils.

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Great start back Year Six!

Well Year Six have made a great start to the spring term.  It has been great to see so many children feeling confident and happy to share their knowledge of fraction equivalences; they have clearly been working on learning those facts.  Thank you.  Learning number facts is key to confidence and achieving within mathematics.  These facts have really helped the children this week as we have begun to move onto comparing, converting and adding some fractions.  Some children have also moved onto multiplying them as well. 

This week our class was also presented with an attendance certificate as we had the highest attendance in December! The certificate is displayed with pride on our classroom door.  We have all agreed to try to win it again this month and are hoping for a healthy 2017. 

In Literacy, we are continuing to work on creating warning stories and to explore how writers create suspense in stories. Part of this has involved carefully looking at the different types of words that writers use.  The class have been asked to think about this also when they  are choosing books to read independently at home.   This week, the class have also been experimenting with an app called ‘Explain Everything’, which they have used to explain a suspense scenario.  As well as being good fun ( especially when recording sound such as creaking doors) it really reinforces our learning in literacy.

The class have also been working on improving fitness levels in our dance topic of 1960’s steps such as : the swim, the twist and the mashed potato.  We will also be looking at: the funky chicken, the monkey, the pony and shaking our tail feathers. Eventually, the children will create their own dance inspired by 1960’s dance steps.  Over the next few weeks, different children will have the opportunity to lead our warm ups at the beginning of the session.  I had a number of volunteers keen to create something to share and  I am excited to see how they get on………

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Welcome back!

The children made a great start back in class last week. We have started thinking about our new enquiry ‘Unsworth explorers’ where we will use our historical skills to compare famous explorers in the past. In maths we are revisiting place value and will be concentrating on multiplication and di vision this half term. In literacy we have started reading lots of fantasy stories and the children have enjoyed picking out the magic objects  and talking about the interesting character and settings. We also have our class assessmbly to look forward to next Thursday morning, 26th January. We look forward to seeing you all there! 

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Thank you and Happy Holidays

What a fantastic end to the term with the junior performance of Sleeping Beauty.  The whole of the junior department including pupils and staff really threw themselves into the performance with fantastic results.  The effort and support from parents and carers regarding costumes, learning lines and practising acting skills is  also greatly appreciated.  It was definitely a team effort and all the children really ‘sparkled’.  Undoubtedly,  a proud memorable event of 2016! Thank you and great job to everyone involved both at home and in school.

I would like to wish everyone a lovely holiday and hope you have lots of reasons to smile over the festive break.  Take care and I look forward to seeing you all in January

Miss Sinclair

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Christmas fun

Year 1 have been enjoying making lots of Christmassy things over the past few days from salt dough decorations to Christmas cards and calendars. Yesterday the children made their own moving split pin Christmas themed characters and a door hanger to tell Santa where to stop! We will finish off our week with some fun and games as a celebration of all of our hard work and filling our marble jar again! We are all very excited and the children have worked extremely hard over this term, they should be proud of their work! I am sure Santa will be happy with all of the children on his good list!

Have a fantastic Christmas break

Miss Dooley

Year 6 Blog

Year Six have so many skills!

Well last week was full of drama and excitement!  We started off the week with a visit to Bury College  with Year 5 where the drama students produced an excellent performance of Snow White.  As well as being great fun this is also a really good opportunity for the pupils especially in Year Six to reflect on their own perfomance skills.  It clearly had an impact on the class as the dress rehearsal, which took place was great and the children really gave it their all impressing staff and the infants, who were our audience. We are now looking forward to sharing it with everyone at home too!  We also had Christmas dinner, Christmas sing song  and a ‘Christmas Selfie’ in class while we waited for our turn to go into the hall. 

Over the week, we have also tried our hardest to still include daily activities that develop our basic skills in literacy and numeracy.  We have completed some work on rules of divisibility and completed a multiplication and division quiz to check the new skills we have accquired.  We have discussed as a class that it is important to keep practising using written methods regularly both at home and at school so we keep our skills up or as we like to say in Year Six our ‘tekkars’! 

Within literacy, we completed a quiz to check whether pupils could identify different types of words such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and conjunctions.  We will continue to work on these areas next term as well as introducing other words such as prepositons and determiners as well.  Everyone also updated their spelling grids in their literacy books and it was great to see how many pupils had been trying hard to learn their spellings weekly.  Each child has their own home spelling journal and  has their own set ot spellings that they are working on each week. 

Whatever Year Six are doing, whether it is acting, singing, writing, investigating, playing sports, reading, calculating,  creating or researching we aim to enjoy ourselves and to try our best!