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Buddies and Blossoming

Well each of our Year Six children have met their buddies, made them a special welcome card ( containing  their own personal message) and presented them in assembly on Thursday, where Reception were officially welcomed into the ‘Unsworth Family’ – our school community.  Sometime is spent carefully matching each Y6 and Reception pupil.  This is definitely a highlight of the school year for our Year 6 pupils and it always a delight to see the care they show towards our youngest pupils.  It is also a very responsible job, which always has a positive effect on our older pupils, who relish the challenge and seem to blossom in both maturity and confidence.  There will be a number of opportunities for the buddies to meet throughout the year.  All of Y6 made us very proud on Thursday, especially when they introduced themselves to parents and carers after the assembly as well. 

Our first piece of homework was returned this week and I was impressed with the quality of homework that was produced.  They will use the information gathered to create their own biographies, which will be published and shared at parent’s evening, later in the month.  I know the children are eager to impress and show off their writing skills!  The children have been set a new piece of homework this week, linked to our History enquiry ‘The Battle of Britain’ and they have the opportunity to decide which area they would like to focus on. Each member of class has also been allocated maths games in their Bug Club and Maths Abacus account, which they may like to visit to practise reading larger numbers.  We are still awaiting delivery of our homework books and these should be here hopefully for next week.

This week, we will:   find out more about Dunkirk and using historical sources; as well as learning the differences and similarities between viruses, fungi and bacteria; develop our ability to write in a formal biographical style and build on our understanding of place value including rounding and some decimal work.

The following are just a few of the pictures from our recent DT topic ‘ War Time Inspired Cooking’.  The children created their own potato scones and various mashed potato spreads for sandwiches as well as some rather delightful salads. This was all shared at our ‘War Time Tea Party’!   It was agreed that most of the foods, smelt or looked better than they tasted.  Our DT floor book showing all the learning that took place in this unit will again be available for viewing at Parents Evening.

IMG_1196 IMG_1198 IMG_1199 IMG_1200

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A huge thank you!

A huge thank you to everyone who visited our Book Fair this week and who got involved in celebrating  Roald Dahl’s Birthday on Wednesday by bringing a prop, a book or wearing an entire costume!  It has been lovely to see so many children excited about buying and looking at the books on sale.  The fair and ‘Dress up for Dahl Day’ has been a fantastic success in creating a buzz around books and promoting reading for pleasure, with over £800 worth of books having been sold throughout the week.  Your generosity and support has meant that the school will receive nearly £500 worth of free books for the school library!  Our school library will be open from next Friday lunchtime and our newly appointed librarians or ‘Word Warriors’ as we like to call them will be on hand to help out! 

Congratulations as well to our five raffle winners, ( from Reception, Y1, Y4  and Y6)  who all received and cashed in a £5 gift voucher today. 


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The new school year has begun

Well Year Six have begun to get into the swing of things this week, with their first full week. They have all been given jobs of responsiblity around school and are now eagerly awaiting meeting their ‘Reception Buddy’.

Our first writing unit of the year has begun and we have started to read a selection of biographies this week, about Usain Bolt, Martin Luther King and of course Roald Dahl ( it was his birthday on Wednesday after all). The class have been set their first homework task, which is to find out some facts about someone who has or has had an interesting life.

We have also begun our Battle of Britain topic as well as our science topic where we will begin to learn more about micro-organisms. The class have also had their first session with a gymnastics coach and lots of stretching and balancing was done by all.

On Thursday, the class worked with a partner checking the spellings that they had been learning over the past week. I was impressed with how organised the children were with their home spelling books and how well they did.

There was of course a great finish to the end of the week with the children being ‘evacuated’ to the safety of Stockport with Mrs Darby. Pictures to follow in a future blog………..

Next year, there is lots to look forward to. Of course there is the trip to Robin Wood for many of our Y6 pupils, with Mrs Ali, Mr Garside and Mr Evans and as well we will be working on our DT food skills, by preparing some war time inspired potato scones, salads and mashed potato sandwich spreads! The children will be able to wear their costumes again on Tuesday if they wish as we prepare our War time ‘feast’ and have a ‘ 1940’s Tea Party’ on Tuesday afternoon.

Year Six is definitely a fun, busy place to be!

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Learn to Succeed

Year Five and Six had a fantastic time on Friday with Tim Hall, who ran a workshop throughout the day all based around ‘Learning to Succeed’.  Hopefully, you managed to see the various tweets surrounding the events that were sent through the day.

The whole day explored some important ideas:

  • Why did you come to school today?
  • You can learn anything if you want to!
  • EFFORT always leads to results
  • We learn through following a process
  • Life is a lot easier if you get on with everyone

All of this was done in a fun and highly interactive way.  The children participated in building teepees, taking part in a name game, recording their thoughts about what success means to them, making paper aeroplanes, learning the steps of how to juggle and the ‘pen trick’.  The children as usual were a credit to the school and Tim commented on the high levels of perseverance and listening skills of the pupils that took part.  Thank you very much to the PTA, who funded this experience for our pupils.

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Great start back Year Six!

Well Year Six have made a great start to the spring term.  It has been great to see so many children feeling confident and happy to share their knowledge of fraction equivalences; they have clearly been working on learning those facts.  Thank you.  Learning number facts is key to confidence and achieving within mathematics.  These facts have really helped the children this week as we have begun to move onto comparing, converting and adding some fractions.  Some children have also moved onto multiplying them as well. 

This week our class was also presented with an attendance certificate as we had the highest attendance in December! The certificate is displayed with pride on our classroom door.  We have all agreed to try to win it again this month and are hoping for a healthy 2017. 

In Literacy, we are continuing to work on creating warning stories and to explore how writers create suspense in stories. Part of this has involved carefully looking at the different types of words that writers use.  The class have been asked to think about this also when they  are choosing books to read independently at home.   This week, the class have also been experimenting with an app called ‘Explain Everything’, which they have used to explain a suspense scenario.  As well as being good fun ( especially when recording sound such as creaking doors) it really reinforces our learning in literacy.

The class have also been working on improving fitness levels in our dance topic of 1960’s steps such as : the swim, the twist and the mashed potato.  We will also be looking at: the funky chicken, the monkey, the pony and shaking our tail feathers. Eventually, the children will create their own dance inspired by 1960’s dance steps.  Over the next few weeks, different children will have the opportunity to lead our warm ups at the beginning of the session.  I had a number of volunteers keen to create something to share and  I am excited to see how they get on………

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Thank you and Happy Holidays

What a fantastic end to the term with the junior performance of Sleeping Beauty.  The whole of the junior department including pupils and staff really threw themselves into the performance with fantastic results.  The effort and support from parents and carers regarding costumes, learning lines and practising acting skills is  also greatly appreciated.  It was definitely a team effort and all the children really ‘sparkled’.  Undoubtedly,  a proud memorable event of 2016! Thank you and great job to everyone involved both at home and in school.

I would like to wish everyone a lovely holiday and hope you have lots of reasons to smile over the festive break.  Take care and I look forward to seeing you all in January

Miss Sinclair

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Year Six have so many skills!

Well last week was full of drama and excitement!  We started off the week with a visit to Bury College  with Year 5 where the drama students produced an excellent performance of Snow White.  As well as being great fun this is also a really good opportunity for the pupils especially in Year Six to reflect on their own perfomance skills.  It clearly had an impact on the class as the dress rehearsal, which took place was great and the children really gave it their all impressing staff and the infants, who were our audience. We are now looking forward to sharing it with everyone at home too!  We also had Christmas dinner, Christmas sing song  and a ‘Christmas Selfie’ in class while we waited for our turn to go into the hall. 

Over the week, we have also tried our hardest to still include daily activities that develop our basic skills in literacy and numeracy.  We have completed some work on rules of divisibility and completed a multiplication and division quiz to check the new skills we have accquired.  We have discussed as a class that it is important to keep practising using written methods regularly both at home and at school so we keep our skills up or as we like to say in Year Six our ‘tekkars’! 

Within literacy, we completed a quiz to check whether pupils could identify different types of words such as verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and conjunctions.  We will continue to work on these areas next term as well as introducing other words such as prepositons and determiners as well.  Everyone also updated their spelling grids in their literacy books and it was great to see how many pupils had been trying hard to learn their spellings weekly.  Each child has their own home spelling journal and  has their own set ot spellings that they are working on each week. 

Whatever Year Six are doing, whether it is acting, singing, writing, investigating, playing sports, reading, calculating,  creating or researching we aim to enjoy ourselves and to try our best! 


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Canada, Christmas and Keeping Calm

Well we will be starting on acting rehearsals for our production of ‘Sleeping Beauty – the Ugly Truth’ next week.  The stage is up and it’s time for Y6 to start treading the boards and to add dramatic flair to those lines, which they have been hopefully learning.  There children took home ideas for costumes on Friday and should have shared these with you.  A number of the children had clearly already thought about their part and were quite organised with what they are planning to wear.  If anyone has any issues or problems with costumes, please let us know we have a limited supply of outfits in school but we will be able to arrange something.  Staff are also known to collect items out of their own or families wardrobes if needed!   Costumes need to be in for the 8th December as all the juniors will be getting together for their Dress Rehearsal.

In class we have started our new geography topic about Canada and the children had good fun carrying out a memory mapping activity to draw and label the continent of North America.  They have also shared some interesting ideas for things that they would like to find out and also shared some interesting facts that they already know about the country.  I would also like to thank all the children and family members who sent in items for our class display linked to our last topic about the  Battle of Britain.  Any items that the children send in linked to our topics are always appreciated.

In our PATHS lessons, over the past couple of weeks we have been looking at ways to keep calm and thinking about problem solving.  We have been exploring why it is important to take time to calm down and think about a plan before acting when we feel upset or stressed rather than losing our temper.  Next week, we will consider how our bodies react when we feel upset and ways to keep calm, including practising breathing techniques. 

Last week, in literacy the children have been working hard to produce extended pieces of writing on their individual biographies and portraits of their chosen people.  We have had a wide selection of people including grandads, uncles, famous actors, singers and You Tube sensations to name a few.   The finished work will make an excellent display along our Junior corridor.  

Within maths, the class have been working on developing formal, efficient methods for multiplication and division.  It is really important to have a good grasp of multiplication and division facts for this if they are to be confident and accurate when working independently.  The class will be looking at a maths website this week , which is full of maths games for across the curriculum and is a great resource to access at home to support and reinforce learning from class.  Maths homework slips will be handed out this week as well explaining this further. 

As I hope you can see the Year Six classroom is an interesting and busy place to be!



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Experiencing Evacuation

Our visit to Stockport Air Raid shelter, yesterday was a great opportunity to experience first hand (in a small way) the impact of World War Two on the lives of so many children and to gain some understanding of evacuation.   The staff at the Story Museum and the Air Raid shelter spent the whole time in role and the children (and staff) also played along.  The day was spent learning how to become ‘Good Evacuees’ before they then visited the town hall where they would be hopefully selected and given new ‘billets’ (homes) .  The children spent the morning learning all about how to put on  Gas masks quickly, finding out about the black out, sounding sirens, rationing and about different tasks that they could do around the home to help.

After lunch, we headed into the sandstone tunnels of the air raid shelter to think about what it would have been like to spend nights there with possibly another 4000 people.  The children also had a few seconds experiencing total darkness!  Finally, as we were ready to leave our guides brought us back to 2016 and explained how everything they had seen and heard about that day was real however they themselves had been acting as characters.  we spent a little time thinking about how we were lucky to be returning back to our families that evening unlike the many children, who were evacuated.  The  class agreed  that we were lucky to be returning back to our families that evening unlike the many children, who were evacuated and extra hugs were to be handed out when they returned home.  Hopefully, you got yours!

Thank you very much for supporting your child either by sending money for the trip,  helping with clothes, making labels or gas mask boxes or preparing a ration packed lunch.  I know some people did all of these things!  This is greatly appreciated and really adds to the excitement of the day. I would also like to thank our two parent helpers Mrs Kelly and Mrs Hayward as well.

Next week, will be another exciting week as we begin the week with meeting our Reception buddies for the first time!  We will also be thinking about our parts in the class assembly and of course there is the trip to Robinwood.  It’s great to be in Year 6!



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Getthing into the Groove!

The whole class have made a good start to Year Six and  are proving to be a lovely, really helpful bunch!  Various jobs have been handed out and the children have also chosen the days they would like to help out at lunchtime, in the Huff and Puff Shed.  They are looking forward to starting this next week.

The children were asked earlier in the week, about the things they might need to do to stay ‘Good to be Green’ each week.  They gave me lots of ideas and actually came up with every single thing, which was on my list!  I was very impressed.

We have also done some work this week on thinking about the good habits that help us to make the most of our learning opportunities.  . Being organised with homework tasks is an important part of this and all children brought home their mathematics booklet  this week as well as their learning log.  Reading regularly is one of the other ‘good habits’ we identified and discussed the idea that a person who reads can live a thousand lives whereas the person, who never reads only lives one!

The class all wrote me lovely letters this week where they shared interesting things about themeselves and some of their hopes for the year.  Hopefully our  brains are all now warmed up after our first week and we are truly into the Year Six Groove  ( trying our best, learning lots and having fun).  We will certainly be having fun next  Friday when we spend the day visiting Stockport as evacuees!