Fun in the sun in Reception

The children enjoyed the sunny weather last week in our garden.  They played co-operatively with their friends. They developed their imaginative skills by dressing up and playing with the dolls and prams.  They developed their physical skills by digging in the sand and much more.   Some children enjoyed water play and others helped Mr. Dean by ‘cleaning’ everything in sight!!! What […]

What will the magic beans grow into???

This week’s topic starts our half term of traditional tales that Reception are going to learn to retell in detail and write in sequence.  Today, we have started with Jack and the Beanstalk and the children have collected some magic beans and have also planted some seeds of their own.  I wonder if anything will grow from the […]

Reception children learn about the Easter story

In Reception, children are introduced to the world of religion in terms of special people, books, times, places and objects.  They listen to and talk about stories.  They are introduced to religious words and they reflect on their own feelings and experiences. Our Spring focus in RE has been ‘Belonging’ and has focused on Christianity. Today […]

Reception children create their own ‘Willow Plate’ stories

This week, the children created their own ‘Willow Plate’ after listening to the tale of the sad princess who wanted to marry her true love but wasn’t allowed.  The children painted their favourite story onto their plate.  As they painted, they told their friends all about their favourite story and what happens in it.  Retelling […]

World Book Day

On Thursday March 5th, it is World Book Day.  To help us celebrate this, we would love the children to share their ‘Shelfies’.  This is a selfie (photgraph of yourself) next to your bookshelf.  ‘Shelfies’ can be brought in any time between now and Thursday.  We will create  displays of ‘Shelfies’ in our libraries around […]