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Are you coming to our exhibition?

After two weeks of hard work the children are coming to the end of our still life art enquiry. We are all really excited about sharing the work that has been produced in our 1 day only pop up art gallery in the Millgate Shopping Centre Bury. The shop unit that we have for the day is the old Next shop, which is located next to the corridor that leads to the Millgate car park and Rock development.

The exhibition doors will open at 10am until 2pm and every child will have their work displayed in frames or display booklets. We will be having a raffle to support Bury Hospice and there will be a drawing area where children can come and do some still life drawing to add to our gallery working wall. We hope to see all of our school community at the exhibition, so you can take some time to look at  all the work that has been produced.

After the event a new learning page to explain what the enquiry achieved will be available in the curriculum tab by going down to the art button. Here you will be able to view examples of the work produced, learn about the skills children have worked on and see a slideshow of the final exhibition. We would like to say a big thank you for all the frames that were sent into school. Hopefully you will spot your frame and be able to see what we have done with it! Our exhibition aims to be a celebration of all the effort that children have put into becoming still life artists.



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Dragon shapes geometry challenge app

Dragon Shapes is an app that will help your child discover and improve their ability to recognise and name different geometrical shapes and develop spatial visualisation abilities. It all starts with a story about a friendly dragon that lived in a village but then got lost. With the scales he left behind you will have to build geometric shapes that will help you to rescue and return the dragon to the people. The fun activities are organised into four learning levels and are suitable for ages 6-10. Dragon Shapes is a great app to introduce and learn geometry figures.

We all agree that games make learning easier and Dragon Shapes does just that. With a catchy story shown in a short video, your child will have to become the ‘Shape Master” and unlock all the puzzles that will get him or her to rescue the dragon. The app is beautifully designed and very colourful. Before each puzzle you get short information about the properties of the geometric figures you help to build: ‘all squares have 4 equal sides’, ‘this is a trapezium’, ‘a hexagon always has 6 sides’, etc. All the shapes can be rotated so you can turn them at the right angle in order to complete the puzzles. If your child can’t figure it out or misplaced parts of the puzzle they can tap on the hanging bulb that will help them with visual hints.



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Y2’s Inspirational Visit

Year 2 started their work on our whole school enquiry on Monday, discussing what still life means and what a person needs to be able to draw. There were lots of interesting responses and the children found out for themselves through their discussions in pairs, groups and as a whole class the answers. They also took time to look at still life work by the artist Cezanne and write their own commentary on a piece of his work.

Today the children had an artist visit the classroom for the afternoon and it was great to see how excited they were. All of the children had an opportunity to ask questions, watch her draw, contribute to a drawing and learn about what makes a good piece of still life work. They all worked very hard and the artist said she thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with the children and sharing her passion for drawing. Have a look at the gallery below to see the finished piece of art work and learn more about our inspirational afternoon.

  • We have started to learn about what still life means.
  • In our classroom we have set up our own still life artist studio.
  • We have learnt that an artist chooses objects and carefully arranges them.
  • An artist visited our class for the afternoon to help us with our enquiry.
  • She shared examples of her own work.
  • She started to show us how to draw our arranged fruit.
  • She asked each of us to help add a part to the drawing.
  • We used pastels and the artist taught us how to blend them.
  • We were able to understand how tone is created and add some ourselves!
  • We learnt about adding shadows.
  • Our artist reminded us that a good still life artist always looks carefully at what they can see.
  • Here is our finished drawing that we completed with our visiting artist!
  • Miss Hackett taught us about the different lines and shapes that drawings are made up of. We had a go at creating our own.
  • Also we had a go at sketching different fruits by observing carefully.
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Make your own word cloud app

ABCya’s latest iPad app (currently free) makes it easy to quickly create word clouds on your iPad. To create a word cloud with Word Clouds by ABCya just type or paste text into the text field. After entering your text Word Clouds by ABCya will generate a visual representation of the most common words in your passage of text. You can customize the generated word cloud by choosing different fonts, different color schemes, and by excluding words from the word cloud. Your word clouds can be saved directly to your iPad’s camera roll. This is a great app for being creative in projects, thoughts or for art work!



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Y2's Alpine Garden

During our enquiry about buy generic cialis 20mg what plants need to survive, the children have been learning all about what bulbs and seeds are and the things they need to grow successfully. As part of this work, the children have started to plant their own plants and are developing the key stage 1 garden area between now and the Summer as a space where they can grow their own plants and observe the changes that occur.On Monday Year 2 worked really hard creating two large alpine planters.

Some children used compost from the edible garden mixed with other compost to fill the pots up, whilst other groups took the plants out of their containers, arranged them in the planters and bedded them into the soil. There were some great discussions about how the plants will grow, what compost does and how plants need to be positioned. Last week when we prepared the area for planting the children learnt about weeds and their root systems by digging them out and carefully looking at the roots.

Over the next few weeks the children will continue to add plants and seeds to the garden area and they will learn how to look after the plants and area as it develops. Have a look at the gallery below to see the children creating our alpine planters and to see some of the science work completed in class.

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i Tell a Story app

“i Tell a Story” allows children to narrate and record their stories. As a complete audio recording and editing tool, there are countless other uses, such as having adults record stories and messages for children to listen to. Add funny sounds and music if you want, plus a picture, title, and your name, and send your audio book for others to enjoy. Children can use the i Tell a Story app to practice oral reading fluency, transform poetry writing, explain how they solved a maths problem, practice using new vocabulary terms, or record a written story.


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Airports, Gardening and Clay Pots

It has been another very busy week in Year 2 and I must say that the children have been working incredibly hard. The week started with Miss Hackett taking groups of children into our Airport role play area so that the children could learn about the different parts. The aim is for children to use this experience to write their own explanations, as this is the type of writing we have been thinking about in class. You can see some of the children in the Airport in the gallery below. The children really got into role and learnt about the different vocabulary that is used by different people who work in different areas.

Across the week children have written their first independent explanation about how a seed grows based on what they have been learning about in our science enquiry. I was really impressed with the explanations that the children produced and it was great to see how hard they worked. In our garden area outside the classroom the children will be doing some planting over the next few weeks, so today they started to weed and clear different spaces. They learnt about what the root systems of weeds look like and as you will see from the gallery below, they got lots done ready for putting in some new plants. If you click here you can visit the plant life cycle site we have used in class. If you click on the plant tab there is a great animation of how a seed grows.

The children have also made their own decorated clay thumb pots, which next week will be painted and glazed. It was great to read about the different books and authors that the children picked for their homework and some of them are authors we have read books by in our story time. Each day at 3.15 we have a class story and it is an opportunity for the children to have time to hear lots of descriptive language and to further develop their knowledge of different authors.

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Safer Internet Day Gallery

If you would like to see what the children did in class on Safer Internet Day there is now a gallery of images with little explanations about the tasks completed. You can see this gallery by going to the curriculum tab, scrolling down to computing and clicking on the E-safety and Online page. There are a variety of useful links that have been added to this page that give lots of tips and information on how to help ensure that children stay safe and these will regularly be added to.

Over the Summer term we will be holding some e-safety events in school to provide resources and information that can be used at home, as technology is constantly evolving and it is important that we all stay as up to date as possible. It would be great via the commenting box at the bottom of the e-safety page if you could let us know about any information you would like to know more about regarding e-safety or any other kinds of information you would like us to add to the e-safety page.