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Take a look at our latest newsletter where you will find information about our next event ‘Unsworth Fest’ on Sunday 25th June.

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Enquiry fun!

This week we are thinking about all our learning over the past few weeks in our history enquiry about seaside holidays and will be creating models in groups to represent our learning. We will also be sharing our learning with you at our class assembly next Thursday! We are all very excited! In our science enquiry we have been learning  about the enchanted woodlands, this week we are thinking about the different parts of a plant and will observe plants closely using magnifying glasses. Next week we will work together to plan our science investigation around plants. For our independent writing we will be applying all of our learning from the past few weeks and writing our own recounts about a trip to the seaside. These will be displayed in the classroom on our writing showcase wall when we have finished! In maths we have started to look at the fraction half in many different  ways such as objects, amounts and shapes and will move onto finding a quarter too. We look forward to seeing you all at our class assembly next week! 


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Parent Hub Communication App

We are always looking at ways to develop our communications with parents further and during our recent parent survey most parents felt that the texting service was a valuable way of getting up to date information about what is happening in school. There are some limitations to the service, such as the fact that within the text message we are unable to add direct attachments or images and we are limited to the amount of characters we can add to a text message.

Recently our School Management Information System where we store all our pupil data and contact details has joined with “Parent Hub” which is a communications app for parents. The app hosts a messaging service for schools which allows attachments and pictures to be linked with messages, offers no limit on the length of messages and also links to our school Twitter feed. The benefit of this app is that it is completely free both for parents and for us as a school. The text message service does cost us a large amount as a school and in terms of the admin time it takes to update details each year and as changes are made.

As the app is linked to our Management Information System, the updating of details would happen automatically and as a school we could save a large sum of money whilst also providing a more advanced messaging service, which would allow us to streamline communications between school and home. We would like to trial the “Parent Hub” app and get your feedback about it. Our aim is to get parents to sign up to the app across the summer term so that we can start to send messages through it, with the aim being that across the autumn term all our messaging goes through the app so that we can make a decision at the end of the autumn term about which messaging system is most effective .

It is really simple to set up the app on any kind of phone. If you click here you can  download a poster about how to join the app and once you enter your phone number, it will let us know that you have signed up. The best way to join is by downloading the Parent Hub app (the white app). If you want to know more about the app, do visit the Parent Hub website by clicking here or arrange to speak to Mr Rhodes about it.

We feel that this is a great opportunity for us to develop our communication system further. 

Latest News Year 1 Blog

Welcome back!

We had a great first week back, we have started our new enquiry, seaside holidays, where we will focus on how holidays have changed from the Victorian times to now. We also have an ice cream parlour in our classroom where the children can use their imagination and creativity and spend a day at the seaside! In literacy we have started to look at recounts and the features they have. This week, we will begin sharing some ideas to create our own group recounts. Our Science enquiry this half term is ‘Enchanted Woodlands’. The children are very excited to use our new outdoor learning area,and the space we have around school, to find out about different plants and trees. We will also be thinking about naming the parts of a plant. This week, we will start by finding out some information by looking at photographs and non fiction books.

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The things we’ve done..and the things we will do.

As the Easter break starts we can reflect on the fact that we are now two thirds of the way through the academic year. Our Reception class are now settled and confident in school and our Y6 pupils are approaching some big changes and challenges ahead. During this last week we held our progress evenings with parents and carers from Y1 to Y6. During the meetings, we asked parents to complete an Ofsted-style questionnaire in order to seek views on a range of issues. We have analysed the results and we are delighted with the overwhelming support we have received. If you would like to read the report then you can find it here.

 Questionnaire Results March 2017.

During this term, we have worked hard to provide the children with a range of memorable experiences. We have increased the sporting activities for our pupils which culminated in our pupils taking part in the Greater Manchester School Games. We have also enjoyed hearing about their achievements in football, rugby, netball and cross country. Many of our Y5 and Y6 pupils have achieved their level 1 and 2 Bikeability awards after improving their cycling skills on the road. Our Y4 pupils continue with their weekly swimming lessons and will do so until the end of the year, when it is our aim that every one of them will be able to swim.

In addition to sport, we have also planned opportunities for the children to develop their skills in other areas of the curriculum. Our choir continues to work with Miss Geelan and we are planning an event involving the Halle later next term; many of our children are enjoying learning to play instruments with Miss Geelan and with tutors from Fiddler Music and Bury Music Service. In February, we enjoyed great feedback from our parents when we held our Great Unsworth Exhibition. During the weeks before the exhibition, we worked to develop the children’s design and technology skills as inventors. They proved to be both skilful and creative.

We were pleased, this term, to be awarded the E-Safety Award in recognition of our work with the children. This week we asked Bury Teaching School Alliance colleagues to conduct a safeguarding review in our school. The aim was to test our procedures, our policies and our staff knowledge of the whole safeguarding arena. During the process children were asked about how the school helps them to keep safe. They were clear that they felt safe in school, knew that they had people to speak to and that they understood the issues around bullying and e-safety.

During the summer term, we will continue to provide the children with a broad curriculum experience. We will also be planning a number of end of year trips for them to enjoy. During the term there will be a number of class assemblies culminating in a very emotional final assembly from our Y6 class. In the meantime, enjoy your Easter break-we will see you again in a few weeks.

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Red Nose Day

The School Councillors are pleased to announce the arrival of Red Noses! From tomorrow they will be sold around school at the cost of £1. Watch out for School Councillors selling them at playtime.

Did you know it takes 17 muscles to smile? The children at Unsworth are facing the challenge of smiling for two minutes or more on Friday morning. Please support them and help them raise money for Red Nose Day by donating any loose change you may have.  The School Councillors will be on collection duty on the yard this week. They are committed to raising money for this worthwhile cause and are hoping to raise a lot of smiles doing so!



Latest News Year 1 Blog

Construction fun in Y1

This week we have been having great fun in Year 1 thinking all about our moving picture books that we brought in last week. The children investigated the books and talked about what they liked about them. We then moved on to practising the skills linked with moving pictures such as fixed, temporary and permemant joins to make pictures move. We are in the middle of creating our own large scale moving books based on our literacy theme stories from a range of cultures. We can’t wait for you to see our finished work at the event on Thursday. Come along and leave your thoughts on our work! Year 1 have really impressed me with their amazing ideas and hard work! 

Featured Latest News Sports News Blog

Cross country competition – event 1

Well done to all the children who participated in the first cross country meeting on Tuesday. The children braved the tough conditions and produced excellent performances. Unsworth had 4 athletes who achieved a top 20 place in a field of over 100 runners. A superb effort! 

A special mention must go to the boys’ team who are currently leading the table out of 21 schools. A 2nd and a 6th place really helped the team effort!

Every athlete has now got a personal target to beat – whether it be a time, a place or finishing the course without stopping. 

Good luck to all the runners in their next meet! 

Blog Latest News Year 1 Blog

Around the World

Year 1 had a fantastic first day back. We have jumped straight into our geography enquiry ‘Around the World’. Throughout this enquiry we will be focussing on hot and cold places around the world, basic mapping skills and learning about the equator. We will also be thinking about the seasons and how weather changes throughout the seasons and around the world. The children are very excited to become weather reporters in ‘Unsworth Weather Studio!’ In Literacy we have started to look at stories from a range of cultures, this week we will read a selection of stories and think about their features, layout and all the different characters. 

We are looking forward to dressing up for world book day on Thursday! 


Computing and E-Safety Featured Latest News

E-safety Mark Achievement

An Assessor from the South West Grid for Learning recently visited Unsworth to review the school’s e-safety provision. The Assessor met school staff, parents and carers, Governors and pupils  and was pleased to find that the school provides a high level of protection for users of the new technologies. The South West Grid for Learning Trust provides the internet connection and a range of other services to schools across the SW region and is in the forefront of national developments in e-safety.  To enhance these services, they have developed a tool to help schools address e-safety issues, not least the changes to Ofsted inspections, which include a stronger focus on safeguarding. The online tool allows schools to evaluate their e-safety policy and practice and then suggests how the school might do more to protect young people and staff.

To apply for the 360 degree safe E-Safety Mark, schools have to reach a series of benchmark levels when they complete the online self review. The evidence is then verified by a visit from experienced Assessors. The prime benefit of using the review and applying for the E-Safety Mark is that it does not focus on the individual aspects of e-safety such as technological solutions, but instead it integrates e-safety into school policy and the curriculum, challenging teachers and managers in the school to think about their provision and its continual evolution.

Schools are expected to show that they have provided a high standard of e-safety education and awareness for all staff, pupils and also for parents and carers, to ensure that these users of the new technologies can be safe online – whether they are in school, in their homes or out and about using mobile phones or other handheld devices. Following their visit the Assessor reported that the main areas of strength were: 

  • strong leadership and commitment shown by the e-safety officer
  • planned programme of e-safety training for staff and pupils
  • a consistent whole school approach to, and awareness of, e-safety
  • parental engagement through the school’s website
  • the logging, monitoring and dealing with reported incidents

Ron Richards, Lead Assessor for the 360 degree safe E-Safety Mark congratulated the school on its success and commented that it was re-assuring to know that the school had put a lot of thought and effort into improving the on-line  safety of the staff and young people, by addressing these important safeguarding issues.