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Values enquiry afternoon

Last Friday the children had a great time moving around all the infant classrooms to carry out an activity linked to each of our school values, they had great fun playing games such as truth or lie, making happy face biscuits and lots more! I am really impressed with the homework they have brought back this week linked to the values, it is clear to see they have learnt a lot about our values through our enquiry work.

This week we have thought about our amazing animals work, where we have been learning about groups of animals and naming them such as mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and insects. We have been looking at the difference between them all and some similarities.

We have also been completing our independent reports on animals, the children are just in the process of redrafting them to go on our wall display. Well done Year 1, you have worked hard all week, we are very impressed!

Latest News Year 1 Blog

Values enquiry

Year 1 made a great start back after half term, last week we had lots of fun learning about some of our school values. We used our collaging skills and created photo montages to show the value happiness. We talked about how peoples expressions change when they are happy. We made pic collages for the value friendship and played lots of team games to help us learn about how to be a good friend. We started to learn about honesty and talked about the importance of being an honest person, this week we will continue to look at this value further by learning about ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf.’ We will also be using salt dough to make learning tools to focus on the value learning, we will use the skill of sculpture which we have been focusing on.

A busy and exciting week!

Latest News Year 1 Blog

Welcome Back!

Welcome back, I hope you have all had lots of fun over the half term break. I look forward to seeing the children again tomorrow to hear all about what they have been up to. Over the next two weeks we will be taking part in a whole school enquiry based around the schools five values of friendship, honesty, happiness, respect and learning. We will be carrying out lots of activities to help us gain a deeper understanding of each value and the importance of them. Some of these activities will be drama, role play, art work, we will keep you up to date on Tapestry and Twitter so keep looking out for our super work over the following days!

REMINDER- On Monday 1st November we will be visiting St George’s Church, we will use a doll to act out our own christening. Can you please ensure your child bring a waterproof coat and a jumper.

Many thanks

Miss Dooley

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A busy half term


We have reached the end of the first half term of the school year. What a busy time we have had. On Thursday evening, the governing body met for their Autumn term meeting. We were able to welcome our new parent governor, Mr Cooper, and we were able to discuss the start we have made to the school year and the priorities contained in our School Development Plan. If you would like to know more about our governors and their role then you can follow the link below:


Our Local Governing Body

Earlier in the week, we held our Parents’ Progress Meetings. Three of our governors attended the sessions to ask parents their views on the progress of their child and the information on progress provided by the school. Our staff governor, Mrs Channon, also asked our new YR parents their views on our transition processes as children enter our school, during the Welcome Assembly a few weeks ago. It is our intention to issue a report on what parents think and any actions arising from those views. We have also asked two of our senior leaders, Mrs Ali and Ms Sinclair to conduct a parent survey on homework as part of a review of our approach in this area. They will communicate views on this once all the responses have been analysed.

Our children have settled well into their new classes and are working hard. We continue to welcome many visitors into our school who attend the raining courses we run. When visiting teachers and school leaders visit our classrooms, they always comment on the engagement and independence of our children as learners and the outstanding behaviour they see. On a number of occasions this half term, I have had ‘learning conversations’ with individual pupils. This involves them showing me their books and talking to me about their learning challenges. I am always so impressed with the pride they show and their understanding of the learning process. This is also reflected in the comments we receive from our visitors.

The children have also had the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities beyond the classroom. We have welcomed our partners, QFirst Sports into school to increase the range of sports and PE activities on offer to our children in lessons and as extra-curricular clubs; our own teaching staff have also been involved in leading extra-curricular clubs and activities such as football, netball, tag rugby and table tennis. We also had a great day playing (and exercising!) on scooters.

A number of classes have also been out of school on trips and visits including our Y6 adventure holiday to Robinwood. School trips and visits to places in our locality enrich the children’s learning. First hand experiences are memorable and more meaningful to children. We are grateful to the PTA who work hard to raise funds to subsidise the costs of these trips by providing the transport, which can be costly. The parents of three of our classes have been invited to see their class assembly and we have all enjoyed seeing how all children do their best to participate in these.

Across this half term, we have worked with the children to think carefully about our new ‘core values’. Last year we held a vote to select five values which represented our community. All members of the school community were invited to take part in the ballot. When the votes were counted the values of friendship, respect, happiness, honesty and learning had been selected. In assemblies each Monday, I work with the children to unpick the meaning of these words. It can be a very special experience to talk to our children and hear their views on these issues-they are often very thoughtful, not to mention wise, in their thinking.

When we return to school in November we will be stating one of our whole-school enquiries. These take place each term and last for two weeks. Every class is involved in the enquiry. They are planned collaboratively by staff and involve a focus on particular aspects of learning and on particular skills. This next enquiry will focus on our five core values. The children will hear all about it during our whole school assembly when we return after the holiday. Look out for news of our enquiry via our website and Twitter feed.

Enjoy half term, everybody, and thank you for helping us to have such a positive start to the school year.

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Results of Parent Governor election

Here are the results of the Parent Governor election held this week. The votes cast were are follows:

Romana Hussain                            31 votes

Adrian Cooper                                42 votes

Shelley Warden                              32 votes

Mr Cooper has therefore been elected to the vacant position as Parent Governor. I would like to welcome Mr Cooper and also thank all the candidates for putting themselves forward for the position and showing such commitment to our school and our pupils.

Mrs Reynolds

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Amazing animals!

We have been working really hard last week on our ‘Amazing Animals’ enquiry. So far we have thought about animals similarities and differences. We have grouped animals according to these, the chidlren came up with some fantastic ideas. This week we will be looking a bit closer at animals and describing their basic structure. We will also think about whether they are a mammal, reptile, amphibian or fish, we will include pets in our thinking too. We have made some fabulous animal sculptures using play dough and used tools to mould and shape all the parts of the animals. This week we will investigate sculpture further by using clay to create animal sculptures.  In writing we have been thinking of lots of adjectives to describe animals and making word banks to help us create acrostic poems, the chidlren have found this challenging but fun! This week the chidlren will apply their own ideas to their poems and plan and write their own animal acrostic poems. Don’t forget tomorrow we have our photographer in school. I look forward to seeing you all for progress evening this week.

Many thanks

Miss Dooley

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Infant & Junior Discos

Tickets are now on sale for our PTA Infant and Junior Discos on Friday 4th November. Tickets are priced at £3 per child or £5 per family including refreshments. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Staff will supervise the children so parents do not need to stay.

Click here to download the Infant Disco ticket order form.

Click here to download the Junior Disco ticket order form.

Please send in your orders by Tuesday 18th October at the latest. Tickets will be issued during the week commencing 31st October.

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Well Done Year 1!

I am really impressed with Year 1 and their transition to making a line on the playground, they were really excited to join the rest of the school last week and have now started to go into all assemblies. The children are very settled into Year 1 life and have been working extremely hard in all areas of their learning. Last week we planned our own stories in a familiar setting and have done a lovely job of writing these independently in our special independent writing journals! We also perfected our number bonds and this week will be solving some missing number box problems using the facts we know. In history we have been thinking about old toys and writing descriptions of them. This week we will spot the difference between toys in the past and now. We will also start looking at acrostic poems, these will be based on animals to link into our new theme ‘Amazing animals.’ The children’s homework I received last week was amazing, it’s lovely to see how much they have enjoyed completing their work at home, we have given out lots of house points for their hard work and effort.


Well done Year 1 keep up the hard work!

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Superhero stories

This week Y3 have been getting to grips with different terminology such as nouns and adjectives and have been experimenting different ways to use description in their own sentences. Some of the children have also been exploring dialogue between characters and I have been impressed with their ability to weave this into their own story writing.

We have also been reading a selection of superhero stories during story-time at the end of the school day. The children and I love to sit down at the end of a busy day to hear a humorous story. All the superhero stories we have been reading so far should come in use for our superhero story writing next week.

As part of our enquiry based curriculum the children have been exploring life over 2,500 years ago during Ancient Greece. They have thoroughly enjoyed researching about the Olympic Games and finding out about Greek pottery.

I have been really impressed with the children’s efforts during PE. We have been focussing on the purpose of a defender and an attacker and, on Wednesday of this week, we have applied these skills into a simple competitive invasion game, cone ball.

We have also looked at the Y3 key words this week in our spelling sessions. Over the next few weeks, the children will be learning different spelling patterns and word groups. I will share the key words with parents/carers at our upcoming progress evenings in October.

Finally I must say how fantastic the children’s first piece of homework was based on the Olympic Games. I was delighted to see a variety of ways they had presented their work and I really enjoyed reading and listening to the children talk about their learning.

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend, Mrs McLoughlin

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Fabulous First week in Reception

The Reception children have had a fabulous week settling into school life meeting their year six buddies and making lots of new friends. They are off to a flying start writing their names and reciting their favourite rhymes as well as  learning some new ones. Everyone has really enjoyed having school lunch with most children settling into the routines well.

This week the children have been challenged to learn 4 nursery rhymes – word perfect! Certificates will be given to children who complete the challenge. We will be doing lots of practice in school , and this will be a fantastic opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills at home.

Thank you so much for all your empty boxes and packaging, the children have really enjoyed using them to make models. Have a fabulous weekend see you on Monday.