Reflections of the School Council

This year’s School Councillors have been fantastic! They have been so hardworking and reliable. The Councillors have listened to their classes about ideas for school and have spent a lot of time making things happen, such as Red Nose Day, the Parking Charter and discussions about the cloakrooms. Well done to all of you! Here […]

Red Nose Day

The School Councillors are pleased to announce the arrival of Red Noses! From tomorrow they will be sold around school at the cost of £1. Watch out for School Councillors selling them at playtime. Did you know it takes 17 muscles to smile? The children at Unsworth are facing the challenge of smiling for two […]

Safety Comes First.

This morning we split into three groups, put on high visibility jackets and took a survey outside. One group went on Blackley Close, one group went to Chadderton and the other group went to Parr Lane. We looked to see what was happening with how people were parking their cars because sometimes the way cars […]

Supporting the Community

This morning we have been looking at all the Christmas jumper designs that children in our school from YR to Y6 have created.  We found it very hard to choose because they were really good, there were some great colourful ideas and everyone did their personal best by creating imaginative and impressive designs!  There were […]

School Council Autumn Half Term

During this half term we have already conducted 2 class councils which take place on a Wednesday morning, 9 -9:30am. The first council meeting we introduced ourselves to our classes and explained our role as councillors. We then asked the children to write down the 6 most important things they think the council should work […]

What have we done so far?

In September the council held a class council session. We asked : Tell us the 6 most important jobs they would like the council to do.         You said: The willow dome has become messy and needs cutting. The boys are not keeping their toilets clean. The y3/4 toilet door is broken. You all asked for worry […]