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Reflections of the School Council

This year’s School Councillors have been fantastic! They have been so hardworking and reliable. The Councillors have listened to their classes about ideas for school and have spent a lot of time making things happen, such as Red Nose Day, the Parking Charter and discussions about the cloakrooms. Well done to all of you! Here are some reflections on their year:

I enjoyed having meetings with Mrs Reynolds because it made me feel heard,it also made me feel important in helping the school.
Oliver Y6

Being a school councillor has made me feel important because we got to have meetings with Mrs Reynolds and have our say in what could improve the school. I liked doing the tuck shop at break time as well as the parking safety topic we did.
Layla Y6

This year my favourite part of school councilling is feeling proud that I got to give ideas to make the school better. But overall I loved everything!
Laila Y5

This year my favourite thing was doing the tuck shop because we raised a lot of money and got to serve. It was all fun!
Oliver  Y5

This year I have enjoyed fundraising because on Red Nose Day we made over £200. Being a school councillor makes me feel like an important person and I liked helping improve the school.
Mya Y5

I liked doing Red Nose Day and having school council meetings with Mrs Reynolds . Now I feel like people would listen to me and help me.
Ben Y3

I have enjoyed doing the parking charter and having meetings with the cook. Being a school councillor has made me very proud and happy. But most of all I feel like people are listening to me.
Charlotte Y3

I have enjoyed fundraising for Red Nose Day but overall I’ve enjoyed everything.Also I have liked helping the school.
Elvie Y3

I liked raising money with the tuck shop and helping make the school happy.
Zac Y2

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March Update

The School Councillors would like to thank everyone for helping to raise an amazing £344 for Comic Relief. We had a lot of fun on Red Nose Day. Keep on smiling!!

Last week the Councillors met with the School Cook to test the potatoes for the summer menu. We can assure you they are delicious and you will really love the hash browns ……

After Easter the School Council will be focusing on revamping the friendship bench and raising money for new Huff and Puff equipment. Remember to let us know if you have any ideas or queries. Have a lovely holiday.

Blog Featured Latest News The Voice of the School Council Blog

Red Nose Day

The School Councillors are pleased to announce the arrival of Red Noses! From tomorrow they will be sold around school at the cost of £1. Watch out for School Councillors selling them at playtime.

Did you know it takes 17 muscles to smile? The children at Unsworth are facing the challenge of smiling for two minutes or more on Friday morning. Please support them and help them raise money for Red Nose Day by donating any loose change you may have.  The School Councillors will be on collection duty on the yard this week. They are committed to raising money for this worthwhile cause and are hoping to raise a lot of smiles doing so!



Blog The Voice of the School Council Blog

Parking Charter

On Friday 17th February our school councillors continued the work of last year’s council on developing awareness of the parking issues that we have around Unsworth. Last year the council developed a set of visual posters, which were put onto the school fence this morning. This year’s councillors worked with members of staff to collect signatures from our school community for our “Parking Charter”, which was developed in the summer term. The idea of the charter is for parents/carers to agree to consider following a set of guidelines when parking their cars. It has been developed to help keep children safe and to think about how we can be as fair as possible to our neighbours who live in close proximity to the school.

Our councillors did a fantastic job, collecting 61 signatures in 10 minutes and we would like to thank all those members of our school community who signed up. To read our charter click here and feel free to download a copy, sign it and send it in if you would like to. Our councillors are going to add their thoughts below, so why not read what they have to say!

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Safety Comes First.

This morning we split into three groups, put on high visibility jackets and took a survey outside. One group went on Blackley Close, one group went to Chadderton and the other group went to Parr Lane. We looked to see what was happening with how people were parking their cars because sometimes the way cars park mean our route to get to school safely is compromised.   We looked for people who were on double lines, double parking, people reversing in the road, parking on the pavement, children getting out on the road and people parking their cars in front of drives.

On our survey sheets we collected tally marks to see how many people were doing these things. As we were working on our survey lots of people complimented us on what we were doing. One resident came and asked what we were doing and we explained about our survey. He responded by saying well done. Lots of people who were driving and spotted us carried on driving and did not stop on the yellow lines.

Next we are going to total up all of our tally marks, create a visual chart, create flyers to put out on the playground, write a letter to parents and encourage people to sign our charter.

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Meetings, Questions and Answers

Over the autumn term we have been working on lots of different things. Every half term we have a class council where we gather ideas from each of our classes to make our school a nicer place. Following the meetings we bring the books back to Mrs Channon and have a meeting together to discuss what we have got and where we need to go next. Each class has a council book so that every time someone has an idea it can be recorded in the book. Also there is an agenda which sets out what we need to talk about. Our meetings so far have been about considering how we can improve our school environment.

We asked for everyone to give us “The 6 most important things  that you would like the council to help with”. Each class had different ideas that were most important to them. As a group we tallied up all of the suggestions from each class and picked out which ones had the most tallies to form a top 6 for each class. The top answer from each class was:

  • Y3-Cloakroom
  • Y4-Borders around pipes in the cloakroom
  • Y5-Cloakrooms
  • Y6-Huff & Puff

In each class council we shared the top 6 ideas and asked everybody what could be done. Our next step is to try and put some of the ideas into practice.

During December we had a jolly jumper competition where we picked out winners from each class, which were then created into felt jumpers and sent to the Co-operative shop to go on the tree. Everyone got a prize  for the finished designs. Also, in our sessions we have an “Any Other Business” discussion where children can voice other problems or concerns. Next week we are going to update you on our latest campaign!

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Supporting the Community

This morning we have been looking at all the Christmas jumper designs that children in our school from YR to Y6 have created.  We found it very hard to choose because they were really good, there were some great colourful ideas and everyone did their personal best by creating imaginative and impressive designs!  There were lots of great ideas and we would like to thank everyone for participating, but we could only choose 1 girl and 1 boy from each class.

The winners will be announced before lunchtime and those children will have a go at actually making their design into a small Christmas jumper with Mrs Channon and Mrs Crompton.

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School Council Autumn Half Term

During this half term we have already conducted 2 class councils which take place on a Wednesday morning, 9 -9:30am.

The first council meeting we introduced ourselves to our classes and explained our role as councillors. We then asked the children to write down the 6 most important things they think the council should work on over the year. We are currently going through these responses and will feedback to the classes next half term.

The 2nd class council we held was all about water!

We have signed up to the ‘Wise up to Water challenge’ which aims to promote drinking more water as a healthy option. The children have been set a challenge to drink more water whilst in school and on Thursday 23rd October we will see which class has won!

The children have designed posters and water bottles to help promote drinking more water and some of these are around school.

We have had a fun and busy half term but we look forward to working on some more projects after the break.

Mrs Channon and the Council


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What have we done so far?

In September the council held a class council session.

We asked :

  • Tell us the 6 most important jobs they would like the council to do.





You said:

  • The willow dome has become messy and needs cutting.
  • The boys are not keeping their toilets clean.
  • The y3/4 toilet door is broken.
  • You all asked for worry boxes in your classes.
  • You asked for more equipment for break times.
  • Wet play times are causing issues.

We did:

  • Wrote a letter to Mr Dean about the toilet door, it is now fixed.
  • Wrote a letter to Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Canning to ask gardening club to tidy the willow, this has now been trimmed by the council gardeners.
  • Mrs Channon used the Sainsbury’s vouchers to get some equipment for break times, this has been shared between classes and are used daily.
  • Worry boxes are in most classes and councillors will continue to ask for all to be in place.

The council met today with Mrs Channon Thursday 19th December to discuss the issues raised at the last class council regarding wet play times. In the new year I will let you all know what the issues are and what we are going to do about it.

Merry Christmas!!

Mrs Channon

The Voice of the School Council Blog

Our School Council

The aim of this blog is for the school council to publish the outcomes of their meetings and to share the work or projects that they have been developing on behalf of the rest of the school. The school council is made up of two children from each Key Stage 2 class, who meet on a regular basis with Mrs Channon to discuss issues that children in school have put forward as being important to them.




The school council has 3 main purposes:

  • To make sure everyone is involved in an equal and fair way.
  • Actually get things done.
  • To do things that really matter to pupils

If you visit our School Council page at the bottom of the children’s tab of our website you can meet our school council and read their thoughts on why they wanted to become part of the School Council team.