” I think our school is the best school in the whole universe because we get a new task every day and it is fun, especially playtime.”






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  1. I love unsworth it is so fun and challenges it is full of wonderful teachers

  2. T.H Y6

    The clubs I have enjoyed this year is Football, Cricket, Tag Rugby and Table Tennis. Overall I have really the clubs this year.

  3. I love unsworth primary school! It is the best school ever and I can’t believe I am leaving next year. It is the best school ever!

  4. The work is awesome!

  5. i have enjoyed learning about all the history about our school and we all got to make a big time line in our group

  6. I love learning about ghana because you get to find out information about a country you dont really know about so thanks to miss mgrath.

  7. I love learning about Ghana and the teachers help me.

  8. I love working about Ghana but what does coco mean?

    • Cocoa is a type of food that is made for either coffee or chocolate and much more.