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Clubs and Activities

Clubs and Activities

In 2016/17, these clubs have been on offer for the children. These clubs have been delivered by  a range of school staff, sports coaches and the year 6 children  

This year, we have offered clubs in:

– boys football         – girls football      – netball                      

– basketball             – cricket             – table tennis                  

  – tennis       –    badminton      –  athletics      

 – cross country       –  judo        – cheerleading      

– choir              –   Y6 sports crew           –  tag rugby          – multi skills           


Please leave a comment about the clubs that you have attended and enjoyed this year. 






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  1. Mol year5

    Thanks for all the lovely sports you have been doing. I hope I can make more time to do more sports. I hope I can do different types of sports this year

  2. Saffron

    Thanks Mr Garside for the clubs.Iv enjoyed girls football and judo. Thanks Mrs Renelds too.

  3. This year I have been part of the boys football team ⚽️, the tag rugby team , The choir And cross country. I have really enjoyed being part of these teams and representing our school .

  4. OJH Y6

    Over the year I have enjoyed doing cross country , running(athletics),boys football⚽️,table tennis ,tennis,choir and tag rugby. I decided to do all of these because they sounded and looked really fun and exciting (which they were). I love being part of a team and doing well. I like representing the school as much as I can and helping us to be the best we can be.

  5. The clubs I have enjoyed are cricket, judo and y6 sports crew

  6. I have really enjoyed the different clubs on offer especially choir which many of the year 5 and 6 pupils have been taking part in

  7. I have been in the choir and have been in the year 6 sports crew.

  8. C.F Y6

    The clubs I have attended this year are: football, tag rugby, cricket, athletics, tennis and table tennis.
    I particularly enjoyed football, tag rugby and cricket the most.

  9. This year I have been involved in many clubs such as cricket,choir,sports crew, and cross country but all of them I have enjoyed.

  10. This year I have enjoyed girls football, tag rugby,judo and cricket

  11. The clubs I have been in are tag rugby, which did great. The girls football team – we were getting good. Lastly, keep up the Good work!

  12. The clubs that I have been to is girls football and netball. I had so much fun there

  13. I have enjoyed all of the clubs that I have done such as athletics,table tennis, girls football, cricket and judo. They are sooo much fun plus they keep you fit so why not try one !

  14. C.F Y6

    The clubs I have took part in this year are: boys football, tag rugby, athletics, table tennis and tennis.
    I particularly enjoyed football and tag rugby.

  15. The clubs I have done is year6 sports crew and I been in table tennis. These two clubs are very fun and interesting.

  16. I enjoyed tag rugby, girls football, tennis and athletics ⚽️

  17. I have been involved in Boys football,cricket,choir and cross country. I have enjoyed all of these sports and found them fun

  18. I didn’t join any clubs this year but if I did I would have joined tennis.

  19. I have been in lots of clubs such as girls football netball athletics judo table tennis football and that is all.

  20. This year I have enjoyed doing netball,choir and table tennis.

  21. C.F Y6

    The clubs I have been to this year are: football, tag rugby, table tennis, tennis, relay and javelin. I particularly enjoyed football and tag rugby.

  22. I joined the choir and I really enjoyed it.

  23. I have taken part in some clubs such as table tennis, cross country and choir.

  24. LAM Y6

    I have enjoyed being a member of the choir

  25. This year I have attended many clubs including girls football, tag rugby, cross country, cricket and tennis I have enjoyed all of them but especially football and tag rugby.

  26. I really enjoyed judo clubs and thought it was really really fun as well as teaching

  27. Anonymous y6 kid

    I ran the sports crew, attended cross-country and played table tennis, as well as normal tennis.

  28. This year the clubs that I have been to are boys football, judo and table tennis. I have enjoyed judo and football the most because they are fun.

  29. The clubs I have done this year are tennis,cross country,judo,girls foot ball and tag rugby ⚽️⚾️

  30. I have done girls football.I found it hard because I was playing against year 6. I have also done the tennis. I found tennis hard because I couldn’t hit it but I keep trying.Also I have done sports crew and I found it fun and hard.

  31. I have really enjoyed doing girls football ,table tennis with MissDarby cricket and tennis .I have enjoyed these sports because they are very entertaining and fun to play. I enjoy tennis because I like haveing a rally with people . In cricket I mostly enjoy playing diamond cricket because I like when you bowl and run round in circles. Table tennis is fun because it is basically mini tennis . Girls football is just really entertaining and a fun sport to play also all my friends play so I get to play with my friends.Every sport is fun but mainly girls football,table tennis, tennis and cricket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. The clubs I have been doing this year is tennis, cross country, judo, girls football and tag rugby ⚽️⚾️

  33. The clubs I have been to this year are,cross country,boys football ,athletics,table tennis,sports crew,judo and tag rugby. The sports I enjoyed the most are ,boys football,athletics , cross country and judo.

  34. This year,I have been to sports crew and tennis and I have really enjoyed both of them

  35. The clubs that I have been to is football,tennis and Table tennis.i love football!

  36. I enjoyed doing tennis because it was fun and I had fun hitting the ball to my partner

  37. BT. Y4

    I have been to judo it was really fun. I mostly enjoyed the rewards you got if you won/were good in the club. I also enjoyed learning new skills and getting better

  38. I really like athletics because it is really fun

  39. This year I have been doing tennis with my friend.I really enjoyed tennis it was fun!

  40. This year I have enjoyed girls football,basketball,cricket,table tennis,tennis,athletics,judo,tag rugby and multiskills this is because they were fun and interesting because l love sports by AW !!!

  41. The clubs I have been to this year has been tag rugby,tennis,boys football and table tennis

  42. This year the sport I have joined is girls football, tag rugby also table tennis

  43. This year I went to 3 different clubs which were tennis,girls football and judo I really enjoyed them all but if I had to pick a 1st favourite it would be girls football

  44. Anonymous

    The type of clubs I have been to is table tennis,tennis,and football

  45. Cjson y4

    I have not been to a club yet but I’m happy enough to join a club like tag rugby

  46. The clubs that I have been to are tag rugby, boys football, table tennis,