Clubs and Activities

In 2016/17, these clubs have been on offer for the children. These clubs have been delivered by  a range of school staff, sports coaches and the year 6 children  

This year, we have offered clubs in:

– boys football         – girls football      – netball                      

– basketball             – cricket             – table tennis                  

  – tennis       –    badminton      –  athletics      

 – cross country       –  judo        – cheerleading      

– choir              –   Y6 sports crew           –  tag rugby          – multi skills           


Please leave a comment about the clubs that you have attended and enjoyed this year. 






46 replies on “Clubs and Activities”

The clubs I have attended this year are: football, tag rugby, cricket, athletics, tennis and table tennis.
I particularly enjoyed football, tag rugby and cricket the most.

This year I have been involved in many clubs such as cricket,choir,sports crew, and cross country but all of them I have enjoyed.

The clubs I have been in are tag rugby, which did great. The girls football team – we were getting good. Lastly, keep up the Good work!

I have enjoyed all of the clubs that I have done such as athletics,table tennis, girls football, cricket and judo. They are sooo much fun plus they keep you fit so why not try one !

The clubs I have took part in this year are: boys football, tag rugby, athletics, table tennis and tennis.
I particularly enjoyed football and tag rugby.

The clubs I have done is year6 sports crew and I been in table tennis. These two clubs are very fun and interesting.