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Communitree is an Outdoor Learning Initiative founded by Danny English, with the aim to reconnect people, families and communities with the natural world through experiential education. Danny is a passionate advocate of outdoor learning, which he has been involved with for over 15 years.

Communitree has worked with Bury schools for the past couple of years, developing outdoor spaces within their school grounds, providing Forest School Training and running outdoor learning programs. Click here to visit the Communitree website to find out all about the work they do and how you can get involved. Communitree run a range of different experiences for families, as well as forest camps and birthday parties.

“We believe that people grow healthier, wiser and more content when they feel part of a strong community and realise their deep connection with nature. Through the provision of high quality Outdoor Education we focus on creating opportunities for people of all ages to reconnect with themselves, each other and the natural world.” (Communitree)

In Summer 2016 we asked Danny English the Founder of Communitree to visit Unsworth and discuss with us how we could further develop our outdoor learning curriculum within our school grounds. Whilst he visited Unsworth, we decided to show Danny Chadderton Fields, which lies directly behind the school grounds. As a space Chadderton Fields offers the local community a place to rest and relax, with paths, areas of woodland, large open field areas and a stream. Danny instantly saw this as a space that could be developed for outdoor learning and approached Bury Council with a proposal from the school for how the area of land just outside Unsworth could be developed into an outdoor learning space for the school and local community.

Bury Council agreed in Spring 2017 to the space being developed by Communitree in collaboration with Unsworth and in early April 2017 Communitree transformed an unused woodland into a magical outdoor space, which can be seen below.

Use the tabs below to find out about the different Communitree events and learning opportunities that are taking place in the space.

Community Events

Each Term Communitree will be visiting Chadderton Fields to run some community events. If you would like to take part in any of these events contact the school office.

02/07/17-“Where the Trees Came From”

21/10/17-Family Day 10.00-13.00

25/03/18-Family Day 10.00-13.00

30/06/18-Family Day 10.00-13.00

Story Telling Sessions

Communitree will be spending the day at Unsworth on 15/05/17 to introduce each class to their new outdoor learning environment through using unique stories around a camp fire to connect them with the space.

Curriculum Days 2017-2018

Across 2017-2018 Communitree will be spending a day in the outdoor space with each class around one of their themes.

Reception 09/10/17 pm & 26/03/18-Story Telling & Smores/Outdoor Art

SLRP 09/10/17 am-Stories in the Woods

Year 1 16/04/18-Enchanted Woodlands

Year 2 30/04/18-Habitats

Year 3 05/02/18-Stone Age Day

Year 4 14/05/18-Roman Day

Year5 02/10/17-Anglo Saxon Day

Year 6 05/03/18-Viking Day

Forest School

Forest School is often confused as a place, and understandably so; the term ‘Forest School’ implies that it is a place. However, Forest School is so much more than a place. Forest School is an educational ethos that recognises each child as both unique and competent. It provides child-centered holistic learning in an outdoor environment for ‘children’ of all ages, including adults.

Through real life first hand experiences of play, exploration, experimentation, social interactions and reflection, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning both during and away from Forest School. Unlike regular didactic classroom teaching Forest School places the student central to their experience, providing them with the freedom to follow their interests and learn at their own pace alongside a specialised Forest School Leader.

A relatively new approach to learning in the United Kingdom, Forest School has been functioning on these shores since as recently as 1995. Forest Schools originated in Scandinavia, an area rated with the best education system, the happiest people and the greatest sense of well-being in the entire world. Many people claim the success is a result of the education system (formal classroom education is replaced with Forest School until age 7) further promoting the use of Forest School around the world.


The CommuniTree Initiative has worked with a number of schools to incorporate Forest School into their curriculum. Services can range from a full term (10 sessions) to a whole year of Forest School delivery, ensuring Forest School is a regular part of the school curriculum. All sessions are delivered by a fully qualified Forest School Leader (Level 3). 

Sessions can be delivered at one of our sites or on your very own school grounds. We have worked with a number of schools to transform unused school land into excellent learning environments that create an excellent space for Forest School and Outdoor Learning.

If you are interest contact Communitree:

Tel: 07863 553 039






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