Our Local Governing Body

The Local Governing Body at Unsworth Primary School is made up of members of the local and school community. The seven members work closely with Mr Rhodes, the Headteacher, who is responsible for the day to day management of the school, Mrs Reynolds the Executive Headteacher of Oak Learning Partnership and Mrs Parkinson the CEO of Oak Learning Partnership.  The Headteacher is also a member of the Local Governing Body.

All of the governors listed below act on a voluntary basis. Some are appointed by Oak Learning Partnership, some elected by parents, some by teachers/staff and some are co-opted from the local community.

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What do they do?

Local Governing bodies have three core functions:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction inline with Oak Learning Partnership;
  2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff;
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

The governors meet each term as a whole group and at least once per term in their committee meetings. Every governor is a member of a committee which deals with specific issues.

The two main committees are the Resources Committee and Attainment and Progress Committee. They meet regularly and feedback to the full governing body.

The governors often visit the school and some governors undertake to support certain areas as link governors and liaise with the member of staff who co-ordinates the area. Examples of this include the designated governor for child protection and safeguarding and the link governor for SEN/D.

The governors maintain and update their skills audit and governor portfolio regularly and in line with the self evaluation activities that they plan to carry out. These activities are linked to the School Development Plan and the analysis of summative assessment outcomes.

Governor Activities

Below is an outline of the different activities that governors have been involved in across the academic year, which can be accessed by clicking on the drop down arrow. If you click on the blue links you can find out more about that specific activity.



  • 01/10/19-Resources Committee
  • 11/10/19-Reception Baseline Governor Monitoring Activity
  • 14/10/19- Governor Monitoring Activity-Health & Safety Walk
  • 17/10/19-Full Governing Body Meeting
  • 02/11/18-Observation of Attendance Meeting with HT and Attendance Officer
  • 22/11/19-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • 27/11/19-Governor SEF Monitoring Activity with a focus on Quality of Education & Personal Development
  • 27/11/19-Pay Committee
  • 03/12/19-KS1 Production
  • 11/12/19-KS2 Production
  • 17/12/19-Christmas Dinner



  • 02/10/18-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • 18/10/18-Full Governing Body Meeting
  • 02/11/18-Observation of Attendance Meeting with HT and Attendance Officer
  • 12/11/18-Maths Peer Review Governor Interview & Learning Walk
  • 13/11/18-Resources Committee
  • 27/11/18-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • 28/11/17-Governor Learning Walk on Challenge/Create Something New and Digital Leader Interviews
  • 27/11/18-Pay Committee
  • 11/12/18-KS2 Production
  • 19/12/18-Christmas Dinner


  • 15/01/19-Resources Committee
  • 29/01/19-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • 14/02/19-Full Governing Body Meeting


  • 23/04/19-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • TBC-Governors Learning Walk TBC
  • 23/05/19-Full Governing Body Meeting for Budget Approval
  • 27/06/19-Full Governing Body Meeting
  • 18/06/19-GDPR Governor monitoring activity with the school DPO.
  • 16/07/19-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • 09/07/19-Joint Planning event for the SDP 2018-2019



  • 26/09/17-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • 11/10/17 & 03/11/17-Leading Assessment Next Steps Course (Governor Attendance)
  • 13/10/17 Observation of book scrutiny in leadership team meeting
  • 19/10/17-Full Governing Body Meeting
  • 01/11/17-Observation of Reception On Entry Moderation Meeting
  • 02/11/17-Pupil Premium Peer Review Governor Interview
  • 16/11/17-Resources Committee
  • 21/11/17-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • 28/11/17-Governor Learning Walk on Challenge/Create Something New and Digital Leader Interviews
  • 29/11/17-Pay Committee
  • 07/12/17-Book Scrutiny
  • 15/12/17-Christmas Dinner
  • 12/12/17-KS2 Production


  • 18/01/18-Resources Committee
  • 23/01/18-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • 06/02/18-Safer Internet Day
  • 09/02/18-Leading Assessment Course Governor Interview & Presentation
  • 15/02/18-Full Governing Body Meeting
  • 05/03/18-Attend Y6 Communitree Day


  • 24-04/18-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • 26/04/18-Governors Learning Walk TBC
  • 24/05/18-Full Governing Body Meeting for Budget Approval
  • TBA Peer Review
  • TBA-Full Governing Body Meeting
  • 03/07/18-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • 10/07/18-Joint Planning event for the SDP 2018-2019



  • 27/09/16-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • 26/09/16 Observation of Task Team meetings
  • 07/10/16, 20/10/16 & 11/11/16-Leading Assessment Course Learning Walk & Governor Interview
  • 13/10/17 Observation of book scrutiny in leadership team meeting
  • 20/09/16, 17/10/16 & 18/10/16-Governor’s Parent Question Time
  • 20/10/16-Full Governing Body Meeting
  • 17/11/17-Resources Committee
  • 29/11/16-Pay Committee
  • 22/11/16-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • 08/12/16-Christmas Dinner
  • 14/12/16-KS2 Production


  • 18/01/17 & 19/01/17-Governor Attendance at Class Pupil Progress Meetings
  • 24/01/17-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • 26/01/17-Resources Committee
  • 07/02/17-Safer Internet Day
  • 16/02/17-Full Governing Body Meeting
  • 26-04/17-Attainment & Progress Committee


  • 26/04/17-Governors Learning Walk with a focus on Pupil Voice
  • 25/05/17-Full Governing Body Meeting for Budget Approval
  • 8/06/17 Peer Review
  • 29/06/17-Full Governing Body Meeting
  • 04/07/17-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • 11/07/17-Joint Planning event for the SDP 2017-2018



  • 24/09/15-Attainment & Progress Committee
  • 22/10/15-Full Governing Body Meeting
  • 05/11/15-Governors Learning Walk with a focus on Marking and Feedback
  • 19/11/15-Pay Committee
  • 26/11/15-Attaiment & progress Committee
  • 11/12/15-Christmas Dinner
  • 15/12/15-KS2 Production



  • 29/04/16-Safeguarding Training
  • 30/06/16-Full Governing Body Meeting
  • 10/06/16, 24/06/16 & 08/07/16-Leading Assessment Course Learning Walk & Governor Interview
  • 13/07/16-Joint Planning event for the SDP 2016-2017

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