Useful links

Here are some useful links for you.

The homepage for our home and school reading resource.

The homepage for our home maths resource.

A wealth of resources for learning and is well worth a visit!

A huge reference site from the Internet Public Library

Free e-books and help with your child’s reading with free tips on phonics

The #1 site for online educational games  for kids of all ages.

Games for children are the perfect combination of fun  and learning.

Choose an educational game to play at home.

A huge range of free clip art to support class and homework activities. Includes example projects which use the clip art

ARKive is a unique global initiative, gathering together photographs, films and audio recordings of the world’s species.

This site provides ICT activities linked to the English National  Curriculum. These games are generally targeted at infant school teachers  and parents of infant age children.

Get to know some of the most interesting and unusual members of the  wild world with photos, videos, sounds, fun facts and lots more

Meet Sebastian the Swan as he guides you through his library of  interactive books – and don’t forget to send him an e-mail message!

Find interactive games for different age groups.

Play phonics games to improve your phonic skills.

Designed to help children up to the age of eleven learn the value of money. Includes over 250 worksheets to download for free.

Online version of the popular BBC programme. Well worth a visit.

The dinosaurs roam the Earth once more thanks to cutting-edge animation  and animatronics from the BBC. Packed with detail on the prehistoric  beasts and their world, the site includes video clips of all the  dinosaurs featured in the BBC series. Monstrously good.

Homepage of all the 2simple tools

A fantastic website offering lots of links to leading a healthy lifestyle.

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I think useful links is a great idea because,the children get to start knowing what there allowed on.