Could I be famous for something?

Could I be famous for something?

In our new enquiry we are going to consider what being famous means.There are lots of ways to become famous. You could write a pop song, invent a time machine or appear on a reality TV program. The best way however, is to become outstanding in whatever area interests you the most. There are famous cooks, artists, musicians, actors, and athletes. Whatever your interest, keep in mind that the path to fame requires training, experience, and most of all, persistence.



Other ways that people become famous are by:
Marrying someone already famous
Doing something heroic
Writing a best – selling novel
Becoming a model
Starting a successful business.
Performing a popular song
Doing something very brave like breaking a world record

Click the pictures below to find out about who these famous people are.

florence nightingale mary seacole

mary anning     nelson mandela

Click the picture below to find out about more famous people on the BBC site

bbc famous people


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  1. i am really enjoying learning about being a famous!

  2. Oh that’s some interesting facts I wish I came in this school in y2 some sweet stuf year two!!! (PROUD!)
    Happy Easter

  3. I love year 2 because learning is very fun. My favourite is learning about Eragon because we did our own dragons and put them up for display. My dragon was called Ender dragon so it is like minecraft and writing about it I have had so much fun.I love school and I am having the best time of my life GO UNSWORTH PRIMARY SCHOOL

  4. I will be famous for dancing

  5. For going to every place

  6. When I was growing up I dreamed of being famous but it wasnt to be. I think it’s good to have dreams and aspirations when growing up and I hope all of the children’s hopes and dreams come true.

  7. I will be famous for dancing

  8. I Could be famous for skipping

  9. I can be famous for being a great artist and a comedian.

  10. for reading because I like reading

  11. Mr Rhodes

    Year 2, could you tell me below what you think you could become famous for in the future or why you think you would not be famous?

    • I Could be famous for dancing or singing,sports, gymnast or writing stories

    • I could be famous footballer like Messi and Sergio aguero

    • I Could be famous for skipping.

    • I will be famous for painting and drawing.

    • I will be famous in the future.

    • I could be famous for painting and drawing. I could be famous for going faster on my scooter.

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