In this enquiry we are going to be finding out all about who the Vikings and Anglo Saxons were, why they came to England, where they came from and their beliefs. The links on this page will help you to do your own research and find out more about the influence that these  invaders and settlers had. Click here to find some general information about the Anglo Saxons or here for the Vikings.




Who were the Saxons?

The Saxons were a people from north Germany who migrated to the island of Britain around the 5th century. There were actually three main peoples: the Saxons, the Angles, and the Jutes. After these people moved to Britain they became known as the Anglo-Saxons. Eventually the name “Angles” became the “English” and their land became known as England. This content is taken from and more information about the Anglo Saxons can be found on this site by clicking the picture below.


Find out about the Anglo Saxons in more depth here.
Below you can see where the Anglo Saxons came from and where they settled. Click on the map to find out more!
Explore the British Museum for facts and information about the Anglo Saxons by clicking the picture below.
as museum
If you have lots of questions about the Anglo Saxons, click here to see if you can have them answered! Watch the video below to learn all about the impact of the Anglo Saxons.
Who were the Vikings?
The Vikings were people who lived in Northern Europe during the Middle Ages. They originally settled the Scandinavian lands that are today the countries of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The Vikings played a major role in Northern Europe during the Middle Ages, especially during the Viking Age which was from 800 CE to 1066 CE.
Viking RaidsThe word Viking actually means “to raid” in Old Norse. The Vikings would board their long ships and head across the waters to raid villages on the northern coast of Europe, including islands such as Great Britain and Scotland. They first showed up in England to raid villages in 787 CE. The Vikings were known to attack defenseless monasteries when they raided. This got them a bad reputation as barbarians, but to the Vikings, monasteries were wealthy and undefended easy targets. The above content is taken from Click the picture below to view the full content.
vikings 1
Find out more about the Vikings by clicking here.
Below you can see where the Vikings came from. Click the map to find out about Viking boats.
Click here to read 10 fascinating facts about the Vikings from National Geographic or here to play a CBBC Viking Explorer game. Click the picture below to go to Viking training school!
viking 2
Why not try out a Viking quest by clicking here.



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  1. This is very helpful for year 6 when they need to do their homework and research about vikings and Anglo-Saxons. Thank you for putting this on.