In this enquiry we will be learning  about how our homes have changed and thinking about when people started building houses and why. We will be looking at what different types of homes there are in our local area and looking back at the Victorian period to see what homes were like. Use the links and games below to find out more.




When did people start building houses?

People lived in caves thousands of years ago, before they learnt to build houses. However, they did sometimes build tents from animal skins and bone. Most of what we know about cavemen comes from the paintings they left on the walls of their cave.


cave home 2

A little bit later in history, people began to make simple houses. Below are some houses from Britain around 3,000 years ago. They were made by people called Celts, and were simple round houses with one room and a thatched roof. Sometimes the walls were made of stone and, other times, were made from wattle and daub. Try clicking the pictures below to find out more.

celt 1         celt 2

Between one and two thousand years ago, Anglo Saxons built their houses in a similar way to Celts, using wattle and daub. Their houses started to look a little more like the shape we know today.

anglo saxon home


About 1,000 years ago, in a time called the Middle Ages, kings and rich Nobel men build lots of big, strong castles. A castle is a special type of home because so many people lived and worked there. Click the picture below and visit the ‘People’ section to find out more.



Click the pictures below to play some games or do some research about Victorian houses.

homes 6






victorian home 2










past homes 1








How many different types of homes can you see below?

Can you think of any other types of homes?









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