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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

At our school we believe that Learning Outside the classroom gives children an opportunity to take their learning further than a classroom environment would usually allow. The outdoors can provide space and freedom for a type of learning that is difficult to replicate indoors. Over the last two years we have worked together as a school to consider how learning outside the classroom can be developed as a key element in our whole school curriculum.



Essentially it may involve:

  • Use of the school grounds
  • Visits within and beyond the local community
  • Trips
  • Residential visits

The aim of our outdoor curriculum is:

  • To raise the profile of outdoor learning as a framework for growth and development.
  • To celebrate our outdoor space and the rich learning that can take place within it.
  • For all children to use the outdoor area as a context for learning throughout the year.
  • For all children to develop skills and independence in a widening range of environments.
  • For all children to develop their curiosity and understanding of their physical and human world.
  • For all children to socialise and interact in new and different ways with their peers and adults.
  • To provide a safe, stimulating outdoor environment where space is used effectively to enable children to explore a broad and balanced curriculum using a range of interesting resources suitable to their individual needs.
  • To raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage children to care for their environment.
  • For all children to take ownership of outdoor play areas as they develop their gross motor skills through games and activities.

Click here to read or download a copy of our Educational Visits Policy (revised January 2017).

Below you can see a gallery of our year 2 class taking part in a science lesson to measure the wind and maths lessons about measure and shapes.

Click the picture below to visit our Great Day Out page for ideas and links to places to visit.

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Coming Soon

  • Learning overviews for each year group
  • Other year group gallery examples

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