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Music in Our School

Music in Our School

At Unsworth Primary we believe that music is an important subject through which children can express themselves. We strive to provide children in our school with a variety of different opportunities throughout their time with us to experience music in different forms, such as singing, performing and composing. Below are some examples of our musical lessons, events and performances! Throughout the year we will continue to add content so you can see what the children experience in our school.



Scan the QR codes below to listen to some of our performances.


Below you can see the children in action at the Young Voices Concert.

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In one of our Big Sings we have been learnt a song about Chinese New Year.

In year 5 all  the children have been learning to play a brass instrument.

The KS2 choir are preparing for a performance at the Phones 4 U Arena in February.

In year 3 the children have been learning to sing new songs in their weekly music lessons as well as the recorder.

Our Reception class have been working with Miss Geelan to develop their understanding of rhythm and pulse.

Some children learn to play the violin with Miss Geelan.

Our Choral group went to Spurr House to perform and meet residents in December.






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