Unsworth is one of 5 Bury schools that form part of the Bury Music Collaborative. The BMC is now in its 8th year and is led by specialist music teacher Mrs Geelan, who visits school every Tuesday and you can click here to read her latest blog. Throughout the year her teaching specialism impacts on every child. To further develop the skills of teaching music to staff Mrs Geelan teams up with each class teacher throughout the course of the school year and together they devise innovative and creative lessons where the children learn to compose, appraise and appreciate music from different genres.

At Unsworth we believe in providing a good musical education for all and giving children the freedom to develop as young musicians, either as instrumentalists or vocalists. To date, our school has received the gold award from Sing Up for the vocal opportunities we provide for the children. Singing is an inclusive activity in our school and every other week the whole school and staff join together as a community for the Big Sing. During this session we learn a variety of songs, often to theme in with festivals and celebrations or that can be performed in assemblies.

Mrs Geelan also has a Choral group that meet on a weekly basis and represent the school at festivals and perform in the local community. In Spring 2013 the choir were crowned Bury Hospice Choir of the year. Children in Year 4, 5 and 6 are eligible to become members of the Young Voice Choir. This is an after school activity where we rehearse for a big concert at the Phones 4 U Arena with hundreds of other choirs.

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Children can learn to play instruments at Unsworth in a variety of ways. Staff from the Bury Music Service visit school weekly offering tuition on every orchestral instrument. In addition to this the school fund a Wider Opportunities project where every child in Year 5 lerns to play a Brass instrument. Mrs Geelan offers violin tuition to a small number of junior pupils and in Year 3 children leaqrn to play the recorder in their class music lesson. Our well known Samba band is open to all junior pupils in the Summer Term and we enjoy performing each year in our end of year concert or Party in the Playground.

If you have any issues regarding music at Unsworth or would like your child to start playing a musical instrument call in and speak to Mrs Geelan on a Tuesday. Lastly, music is a gift that can be given to a child for life! Please support your children in this area of the curriculum as mush as you can.

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