Through the Bury Teaching School Alliance (BTSA) and Bury Primary Learning Collaborative (BPLC) our Deputy Head teacher has been part of a small team of practitioners and Head Teachers who designed and facilitated a bespoke NQT programme for Bury in 2015-2016. The idea behind the programme was to develop a training course that was all about Bury and provided NQT’s with a support package that allowed them to continue to develop and refine their skills. Due to the success of the programme, it will run again during 2016-2017.


The programme aims to:

  • Develop the practice and mind-set of NQT’s.
  • Allow NQT’s to develop their pedagogy and ability to reflect on their own practice.
  • Provide opportunities to network with other NQT’s.
  • Support NQT’s to further develop a range of different approached to Teaching and Learning.

Within Bury the bespoke NQT programme is built around 5 core aspects of classroom practice and participants get the chance to carry out two learning walks during the year in two different primary school settings. During the academic year 2015-2016 our school hosted two NQT learning walks, where our staff were involved in sharing their practice. In the 2016-2017 programme we will continue to host NQT learning walks alongside 5 other Bury primary schools.

Below you will find details about the structure of the NQT programme for 2016-2017, information on how you can contact the BTSA/BPLC to register an interest in the programme and read quotes from the feedback that participants have given based on their experiences of the programme in 2015-2016 and of their experiences within our school.

[learn_more caption=”Programme Outline”]

This is a whole year programme, consisting of 6 full days and a two day residential conference. It aims for participants to:

  • develop a deeper understanding of teaching through further developing planning and delivery techniques.
  • develop a clear understanding of both assessment for learning and assessment of learning.
  • create a positive climate for learning within their classrooms, through discussing and analysing the quality of their teaching.
  • increase professional dialogue and create opportunities for further career planning

Course Content 

Welcome to Bury Meeting

  • Statutory Meeting for all NQTs new to Bury to find out key information and contacts

Session 1-Planning an Inclusive Curriculum

  • Curriculum Updates & Vital Information NQTs need to know and refer to
  • Planning Backwards – Top Tips!
  • SEN – ensuring an inclusive curriculum for all individual learning needs
  • Making the most of Additional Adults in your classroom

Session 2-Happy Children=Motivated Learners

  • Behaviour Management Strategies
  • Ideas for Organising your Classroom Environment to minimise disruption
  • Importance of Children’s Emotional Health & Well-Being (Attachment Theory)
  • Safeguarding History & Basic Good Practice

Session 3-A Thinking and Questioning Approach to Learning

  • School Based Learning Walks in the Morning
  • Then current strategies and examples linked to questioning skills (Blooms) and Growth Mindset Strategies

Session 4-Assessment and Pupil Focused Feedback

  • School Based Learning Walks in the Morning
  • Updates on any current changes to assessment procedures
  • Basic facts that apply to teaching and learning in all schools
  • What is Assessment for Learning?
  • Bury’s approach to assessment and what this looks like in your classroom

Residential-Teaching Backwards with Andy Griffith & Practitioner workshops

Session 5-Embracing Technology

  • Ideas for using technology across the curriculum to foster creativity in the classroom
  • Invite key practitioners from across Bury

Session 6-Maintaining a Love of Learning

  • Continuing to foster creativity in the classroom
  • Next Steps & Future Career Planning
  • Top tips for being a Subject Leader
  • Coaches / Mentors / Headteachers join the session in the afternoon to celebrate the NQTs successful year


[learn_more caption=”Course Dates 2016-2017″]

Date & Times:

Welcome Meeting– Wednesday 7th September 2016 4.00-6.00

Session 1-Thursday 29th September 2016 9.00-3.30

Session 2-Thursday 17th November 2016 9.00-3.30

Session 3-Thursday 2nd February 2017 9.00-3.30

Session 4-Thursday 2nd March 2017 9.00-3.30

Residential-Friday 17th March 9.00-3.30 & Saturday 18th March 9.00-1.30

Session 5-Thursday 4th May 9.00-3.30

Session 6-Thursday 22nd June 9.00-3.30

Venue: Development & Training Centre (DTC)

Facilitators: Andrew Rhodes (DHT), Anna Withey (DHT Tottington Primary), Becca Podmore (Christ Church Walshaw), Martin Van Heck (DHT Sunny Bank Primary) & James Rolt (DHT St Luke’s CE Primary)


[learn_more caption=”Feedback”]

“I felt very supported in developing as a teacher”

“Great opportunity to share experiences and ideas with other NQTs”

“I’ve had a brilliant time, learnt lots of great things that will improve my practice. Good to talk to other NQTs out of context. You must run this again! Thank you!”

“Learned so much from great, passionate facilitators”


If you want to find out more about this programme, contact the BTSA administrator Jo Seddon via the options below:

  • email:
  • phone: 01612536934
  • twitter: @burytsa

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