Through the Bury Teaching School Alliance (BTSA) both our Head teacher and Deputy Head teacher have been trained as facilitators of the OTP on behalf of the BTSA. The OTP aims to develop the practice and mind-set of good practitioners, to allow them to make outstanding teaching and learning a sustainable part of their daily practice.

Within Bury the OTP has a unique structure, as participants get the chance to carry out learning walks in a Secondary, Special and Primary setting. During the academic year 2015-2016 our school collaborated with Stephen Holden Head teacher of Tottington Primary and Anna Withey Deputy Head teacher of Tottington Primary to co-facilitate half of the programme at Unsworth. Some of our own staff acted as participants within the programme and the rest of the staff were involved in sharing their practice within the two learning walks that happened within our school.

Below you will find details about the structure of the OTP, information on how you can contact the BTSA to register an interest in the programme and read quotes from the feedback that participants have given based on their experiences of the OTP and of their experiences within our school. 

“Thank you for welcoming us into your school during such a busy week. There are so many ideas to share and celebrate, but I will take away how inclusive the school is and how you prioritise and celebrate individuality.”

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“Wow Unsworth Primary. Your school makes us feel really welcome! Your focus on bringing out the best in every pupil and your honesty is refreshing.”

[learn_more caption=”Programme Outline”]

This is a 9-10 week programme, consisting of 5 full days, 3 full day OTP sessions, 2 days working on The Power of Coaching and 3 post session tasks linked to the course content. It aims for participants to:

  • demonstrate higher level understanding of teaching and improve learning for their pupils
  • develop an ability to coach colleagues and pupils in their own school and in other schools to raise performance levels.
  • create a proactive school culture where the quality of teaching and learning is openly observed, discussed, challenged and enhanced
  • increase professional satisfaction and create opportunities for further leadership and career progression

Course Content 

Session 1-Challenge & Engagement

Session 2-Questioning, Assessment, Plenaries & Differentiation

Session 4-Outstanding Impact & Progress

To learn more about the programme click here to visit the official OLEVI website or click here to download the 2016-2017 infograph [/learn_more]

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Cohort 3

Date & Times:

Session 1-Thursday 6th October 2016 9.00-3.00

Session 2-Wednesday 8th November 2016 9.00-3.00

Session 3-Wednesday 1st December 2016 9.00-3.00

Venues: Unsworth Primary School (Training Room), Blackley Close, Parr Lane, Bury BL9 8LY, Ems Bank Specialist Arts College, Ripon Avenue, Whitefield, M45 8PJ & Parrenthorn High School, Heywood Rd, Prestwich, Manchester M25 2BW

Facilitators: Andrew Rhodes (DHT) & TBC


Cohort 2

Date & Times:

Session 3-Wednesday 13th January 2016 9.15-12.30

Session 4-Wednesday 27 January 2016 9.15-4.00

Venues: Unsworth Primary School (Training Room), Blackley Close, Parr Lane, Bury BL9 8LY & Parrenthorn High School, Heywood Rd, Prestwich, Manchester M25 2BW

Facilitators: Andrew Rhodes (DHT) & Anna Withey (DHT Tottington Primary) [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Feedback”]

“I’ve gained an awful lot, personally and professionally. I’ve met fellow teachers I will definitely stay in touch with”

“My own understanding of outstanding teaching has deepened and I have clarity about what I need to do in the classroom”

“It allows students to be taught by a reinvigorated teacher who thinks about their learning and classroom experience.”

“I’ve met, shared with, learned from and been coached by a great team of peers and the knock on effects are reassurance, affirmations and on going positivity.”

“A reflective and thought provoking programme that supports you to make small changes to your own practice in order to become outstanding.“[/learn_more]

If you are interested in this programme for staff within school, contact the BTSA administrator Jo Seddon via the options below:

  • email:
  • phone: 01612536934
  • twitter: @burytsa


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