At Unsworth Primary School we have worked as a whole staff to build our own “Unsworth” curriculum for the children we teach. Our curriculum is matched to the statutory National Curriculum Programmes of Study as set out by the government, but we have put together our own enquiry approach. Essentially this approach provides the children with a key question to answer, which hooks them into their learning so that it has a real purpose.

Throughout our enquiry curriculum subjects are weaved together to make strong learning links, whilst opportunities to use technology and learning outside the classroom are also integrated. Through our curriculum we develop confidence, resilience, knowledge and independence so that children are able to develop a strong sense of belonging within a community, whilst understanding how to form and build respectful relationships.

The main purpose of our school curriculum is  to ensure that children in our school are taught to become:

  • Independent learners, who question the world around them and make decisions about the resources or technology they need to use.
  • Articulate communicators, who can present their learning in a range of different ways because they understand what the products of learning are.
  • Collaborative learners, who can work as part of a team and understand the meaning of our school motto of “Together we build Understanding” and our values of respect, learning, honesty, happiness and friendship.
  • Reflective thinkers who analyse different situations and scenarios, with a view to understanding the bigger picture of the society they live in.
  • Thoughtful contributors who are able to discuss what they want to find out and share what they have learnt through an increasing grasp of vocabulary.
  • Seekers of knowledge, who see learning as a way to understand the world in which they live, which in turn helps them to become socially mobile.
  • Risk takers, who take themselves out of their comfort zone to challenge their thinking and take on new experiences.

On our main menu bar you will see a tab entitled “Curriculum” and within that part of our website you can find out detailed information about each specific subject aspect and the content covered by each year group. We hope that through using our curriculum tab you can get a flavour of  the learning that takes place in our school, but for further information do visit our children tab where you can visit each year group’s page to find out more about the experience within each year group.

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Download our non-negotiable year group overviews below:

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