Comments and Feedback

As you visit different pages and blogs on our website, you will find a range of comments and thoughts that children, parents and staff have added to our website. At our school we encourage our local and global community to blog with us, as we try to take forward our motto of “Together We Build Understanding”.





“The buddy system was an instant hit with our daughter when she started Reception Class.  She immediately became part of a big family at Unsworth, where she felt safe, secure and cared for.  This gave her confidence to make good friends of her own.”


“I think our school is the best school in the whole universe because we get a new task every day and it is fun , especially playtime.”


“Pupils are encouraged at every opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning and find things out for themselves.  Classrooms buzz with the excited chatter of children discovering new things and sharing ideas in groups and with partners.”


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