In our school we see reading as an essential tool in the process and progress of learning. Through our reading curriculum, we aim to provide rich reading experiences that develop children socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Crucially, this is achieved through the development of a stimulating environment that immerses children in literature and the spoken word. It is through this environment that we hope to develop children’s love of literature and expose them to hearing written English. We feel that reading daily to children is very important to allow them to develop active listening skills and be introduced to an ever-widening range of books and authors. To find out about the specific reading curriculum for each class, you can download our year group non negotiable booklets on our curriculum overview page which is located under the Key Information tab.

At Unsworth children will experience reading in three different forms:

  • Shared-This is where the class teacher or teaching assistant readers a text with the whole class or a large group and discusses different aspects or pulls the text apart to examine how it has been put together.
  • Guided-This happens in a small group of between 6-8 children a minimum of twice a week with a teacher or teaching assistant. Texts are chosen that aim to challenge children and are usually a level above the reading books that children bring home as guided reading is used as a focused teaching session.
  • Independent-This is where children read a text for themselves which may be a home reading book or an independent text which a comprehension task attached.

What reading schemes do we use in KS1?

  • Bug Club
  • ORT
  • Big Cat
  • Rigby Rockets

What other reading opportunities does the school provide?

Children are encouraged to read at our school in a variety of different forms, other than those described above.

bug club

Bug Club, the cutting-edge reading programme for 21st century kids that our school uses from Reception to Year 6

Bug Club instantly engages each child with a personalised reading world.  Interactive activities, characters they know and love and a sophisticated rewards system keeps children motivated. The rigorous pedagogy and fine levelling behind the whole-school programme means that teachers and parents have peace of mind as each child quickly achieves his or her reading goals. Children love it, parents cannot stop talking about it and the results keep teachers using Bug Club every day. 

school library 1

In Summer 2013 our school library system was catalogued into an online system. All of the children have their own login details and books are scanned out to the children when they take them home and rescanned when they are returned. A significant amount of funding was put into purchasing new books for the library and in September 2013 all classes started to visit the school library in a regular timetabled session. In Key Stage 2 the children have been working with Mr French to develop library skills, so that they are able to reflect on the choices they are making about what to take home and read. If you click the picture below you will be taken to our online library, where children can login and look at the different books that are available in the library, see which books they have taken out and even write a book review. When you use the link for the first time it will ask you to download Microsoft Silverlight. This is a free program that is safe to download and simply runs the library software on your computer. Click here to read the latest review about Junior Librarian.


junior librarian 1

Click here to download an information chart on what colour band children should be on to be reading at their age expectation.

Coming Soon

  • An outline of reading expectations at different points within school
  • Helpful hints for supporting reading at home