SMSC stands for spiritual, moral, social and cultural education. All schools in England must show how well pupils do in this area. In our school our intent is to weave SMSC into all aspects of our curriculum, giving children the chance to question the world around them and develop an understanding of how to be a positive member of society. If you click here you can read our school policy. 

Below is an outline of what each aspect stands for.

Spiritual-Explore beliefs and experience; respect values; discover oneself and the surrounding world, use imagination and creativity.

Moral-Recognise right and wrong; understand consequences; investigate moral and ethical issues; offer reasoned views.

Social-Use social skills in different contexts; work well with others; resolve conflicts; understand communities work.

Cultural-Appreciate cultural influences; participate in culture opportunities; understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity.                                                                               

Below is an example of an RE based enquiry about how Christmas is represented through the arts. Each class created their own work to display in a whole school celebration afternoon. If you view the gallery below you can see the work that was produced and see how SMSC has been weaved into our whole school enquiry curriculum.

  • Our staff took time to turn the hall into a church.
  • We used candles to decorate the hall and create a spiritual experience for the children.
  • Our hall became a church with pews for all of our children.
  • The choral group opened our celebration and Miss Geelan came to conduct them.
  • Mrs Ali kept our celebration running smoothly!
  • Reception class shared their videos of the nativity of Jesus.
  • Year1 performed their own version of a Christmas Hymn.
  • They impressed us all with their percussion instruments as an accompaniment!
  • Year 2 created a whole class painting of a nativity scene.
  • All of the children painted a person or animal for the painting.
  • The children also thought about what light in religious paintings symbolises. They then created a silhouette painting to reflect light and dark.
  • Year 3 created illuminated texts about the nativity and took inspiration for their art from the stations of the cross.
  • Here you can see how intircate their work is and the details they have put into their texts and paintings!
  • Year 4 designed nativity boxes to show each part of the story. They used different famous paintings as inspiration.
  • Year 5 looked at paintings of the Madonna and Child.
  • They created their own image using clay and wrote an information text about it.
  • Mr French taught the junior children Silent Night in German.
  • Year 6 looked at the meaning behind stained glass windows.
  • They designed their own to represent different aspects of the nativity.
  • Each stained glass window was given a title by the children.
  • Our special visitors from St Georges church said some prayers and gave a blessing.
  • We invited parents and carers to view our work at the end of the day.
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To explore our SMSC curriculum approach in detail click the blue links below to find out more:

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