Speech and Language Resourced Provision

What is the Speech and Language Provision and who is it for?

The provision has been at Unsworth Primary School since 1983. There are places for 14 children from YR-Y6 (max of 2 per age group).

The speech and language resourced provision caters for children who have severe speech and language difficulties such as:

  • Difficulty making the sounds of speech.
  • Difficulty expressing what they want to say.
  • Difficulty processing the language they hear.
  • Difficulty remembering and recalling words.

All the children with resourced provision places either have an EHCP (Education Health Care Plan) or are at SEN Support+, stating speech and language impairments as their primary difficulty. Many children identified and provided for at an early age are able to return to their school in the future or can access learning at SEN Support.


What provision do the children receive?

All the children are members of a mainstream class and as such they take part in all the class/school activities. All the children are assessed and provided for on a basis of individual need. Each child has an IEP with communication and learning targets which are reviewed and revised each term. Each child receives:

  • Up to 3 individual speech and language therapy sessions per week delivered by a speech and language therapist.
  • Participation in a language group twice per week working on specific speech and language programmes which are devised by the speech and language therapists and delivered by all provision staff.
  • Individualised or small group teaching time working on personalised programmes in English and/or maths. Teaching is planned and delivered by the teachers in SLRP and delivered by all staff in the base classroom.
  • Teaching assistant support in class for all activities with a high language content, such as maths, science and humanities.

Who works in the Speech and Language Resourced Provision?   image

We are staffed by:

  • 1 part time speech and language therapist.
  • A specialist teacher.
  • 4 full time teaching assistants.

There is a close liaison between provision staff and class teachers.

Activity Mornings

Activity mornings involving children and families take place twice each year. They provide opportunities for:   image

  • Social communication activities for the children.
  • Families to meet each other and the other children.
  • Enhancement of communication between families and staff.
  • Families to feel a part of their child’s school life and for children to enjoy the opportunity to share this with their families.

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What the provision has meant to our families

“The Speech and Language Resourced Provision within Unsworth Primary School has been invaluable to our son who started there with speech problems in Reception class. We are always kept up to date with his development and our son has made fantastic improvement not only with his speech and language but also with his confidence.”

This is an excellent provision for children who need regular speech and language therapy within a normal mainstream school. They learn in a happy, fun environment which helps them to thrive.”

“The Speech and Language Provision has given my daughter a tremendous start to her education and now in year 5, she is accessing an age appropriate curriculum and is full of confidence. I feel that she has the potential to go far.”


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