Aims at Unsworth Primary School

  • To establish consistent practice, progression and continuity in the teaching and learning of spelling throughout the school.
  • To give pupils word work strategies that enable them to become fluent readers and confident writers
  •  To differentiate spelling work according to the needs of pupils, so that all pupils are given sufficient challenge at a level at which they can experience success.

Spelling should be SHORT, SNAPPY and SYSTEMATIC

What is Spelling?

If pupils are to develop as competent readers and writers, it is vitally important that they have secure understanding of the letter sounds and spelling system of the English language. Spelling is a developmental process and development of ability to spell accurately enables pupils to become more fluent and effective writers.  85% of the English spelling system is predictable and therefore to develop confident speller’s strategies, rules and conventions need to be systematically and explicitly taught. 

Effective spelling teaching and learning

Teachers and Teaching Assistants work towards the school aims by:

  • Presenting pupils with high quality, systematic spelling work.
  • Building on and securing pupils phonic knowledge and skills in lower juniors
  • Supporting pupils to recognise which strategies they can use to improve their own spelling
  • Ensuring that pupils apply phonic and spelling knowledge to reading and spelling.
  • Ensuring that pupils are taught high frequency words that do not conform to regular spelling patterns.
  • Ensuring pupils attempt to spell words for themselves, within the range of their spelling knowledge, by building an individual repertoire and the confidence and strategies to attempt the unfamiliar.
  • Helping pupils to apply a range of spelling strategies to spell words in shared, guided and independent writing
  • Helping pupils to apply range of letter patterns and spelling rules to spell words accurately
  • Ensuring pupils know and use the correct terminology when making reference to letters and their sounds.
  • Undertaking regular training in spelling teaching through courses, in house training and peer observations.

Spelling Games