Steven Howarth

Name: Steven Howarth

Category of Governor: Parent

Appointed by: Elected by parents

Term of office: 1st  May 2013 to 30 April 2017

Committees served on: Attainment and Progress, Resources

Positions of responsibility: Vice Chair of the Governing Body, Clerk of Resources and A&P Committees

Voting rights: 

Areas of Special Interest: Helping to ensure that Unsworth Primary School secures the best value for money it can, so that we maximise the opportunities and benefits for the children.

Why did you choose to become a School Governor?

I volunteered to become a governor because, as a parent I was interested in how the decisions taken by the Board of Governors affected the children’s education. The school is such a great example of how teachers and parents can really secure the best for the children by working together. You see that cohesion and community spirit every time the school hosts an event and through initiatives like this website.

What do  you do when not attending Governors Meetings?     

When I am not attending governors meetings, I’m either busy, managing the finances for the law courts in the North West or I’m operating Dad’s taxi, bank and DIY service!


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