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Great things happening in Y5

What a great end to a busy term. The children in Y5 have impressed me with their hard work and effort right up to the very last week.

In Science, the children have been thinking about the human life cycle. We talked about what happens as we grow old. The children shared stories about their own grandparents and the things they enjoy doing together. The children had some amusing ideas about the changes that we go through as we grow old and what it means to “slow down”. Ideas included old people shrinking, losing their imagination and becoming sad! The future is not looking bright for any of us according to Year 5!

We then looked at data for boys and girls, comparing growth. The children made generalised statements about growth patterns. We also enjoyed looking at our photo timelines, which we had created for homework. The children were quick to spot where they could see family resemblances and features common to their parents.

The children have enjoyed working in the outdoors over the last few weeks. Cycling proficiency, Sports Relief circuit training and gardening, just a few of the activities that we have been involved in.

On Wednesday I went out with the cyclists and watched as they learnt to make safe turns on the roads. The instructors were impressed with the way our children listened and followed the instructions, ensuring they could all manoeuvre safely. The children could confidently talk about the road safety rules they needed to follow as cyclists. All our Y5 cyclists passed the cycling proficiency at level 1 & 2 – Well Done everyone! 🚲.

We ended the term with our annual egg decorating extravaganza! As always, the children rise to the challenge with such excitement. We had busy hands creating, cutting, painting and sticking. I’m always impressed with the creativity and this year was no exception. Many children worked together on a joint group design. I was impressed with how well they cooperated, shared out the jobs and supported one another.  The final creations were amazing, each one unique and in my view, everyone a winning design.🏆

With the weather on our side, we ventured into the edible garden and began preparing the ground ready for planting. During the next half term the children will begin looking at plants, charting the growth and changes they see. So any keen gardeners/parents/grandparents out there, who would like to help Y5 with getting this gardening project going, are very welcome to get involved. 🌻

I hope everyone enjoys a well deserved rest over the Easter break and returns to school full of energy and enthusiasm for another fun filled term!

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Safety Comes First.

This morning we split into three groups, put on high visibility jackets and took a survey outside. One group went on Blackley Close, one group went to Chadderton and the other group went to Parr Lane. We looked to see what was happening with how people were parking their cars because sometimes the way cars park mean our route to get to school safely is compromised.   We looked for people who were on double lines, double parking, people reversing in the road, parking on the pavement, children getting out on the road and people parking their cars in front of drives.

On our survey sheets we collected tally marks to see how many people were doing these things. As we were working on our survey lots of people complimented us on what we were doing. One resident came and asked what we were doing and we explained about our survey. He responded by saying well done. Lots of people who were driving and spotted us carried on driving and did not stop on the yellow lines.

Next we are going to total up all of our tally marks, create a visual chart, create flyers to put out on the playground, write a letter to parents and encourage people to sign our charter.

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Bikeability and Baking Bonanza!

This week we have been taking part in bikeability activities.  We had to learn how to get on our bikes safely and how to be safe on the road.  The 4 coaches, Matt, Matt, Jill and Dallia, all helped us improve our skills on our bikes like signals for left turns, right turns and u turns. We went out of school onto Parr Lane to try out going on the road. At the end of the sessions we were very wet but all very happy because we passed stage 1 and stage 2.

Year 5 have been designing cakes. First we got into groups and filled in our design sheet with different ideas.  The next day some of the children walked up to Morrison’s to buy the ingredients. We were supervised by a teacher as we gathered all the ingredients with the money that we had brought in. We had a budget of £23 which needed to be used to buy all the ingredients that groups needed.  It was tricky because we needed to think about which items were expensive and had to change them for cheaper brands so we could buy all the things we needed.   The next day we made the cake and put the toppings on the cake. We enjoyed evaluating the different cakes (by eating them!) and hope our family enjoys tasting them as much as we did when we take the cakes home.


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Reception’s Happy Face!

I have introduced  a new reward strategy in our class over the last few weeks-‘Our Happy Face’

The idea is that, by following three ‘Happy Rules’, the children can earn rewards.  The three rules are:

1. Listen to the teachers and our friends.

2. Sit nicely on the carpet.

3. Play nicely with each other.

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If the children follow these rules, a photograph of them is placed on the ‘Happy Face’, ‘Happy Hands’, ‘Happy Feet’ or ‘Happy mouth’ (depending on the nature of the fabulous act the child is being rewarded for).  When all the children are on the ‘Happy Face’, then the class gets a reward.  There is a sanction side to our ‘Happy Face’ too and this encourages children to think about how to behave in school and also help each other to follow the rules. This reward scheme has worked within Reception class for the last four years and  works towards how the rest of the school earn rewards, through ‘House points’ for following school rules.


Over the past few weeks, rewards have included a ‘playtime’ on the big yard, a DVD time (20mins) and a sweet treat.  This week, the children chose a reward of baking (linked to our topic so a winner all round!).

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact me

Miss Ashton 🙂

Below are a few photos from our baking session: