Great things happening in Y5

What a great end to a busy term. The children in Y5 have impressed me with their hard work and effort right up to the very last week. In Science, the children have been thinking about the human life cycle. We talked about what happens as we grow old. The children shared stories about their […]

Safety Comes First.

This morning we split into three groups, put on high visibility jackets and took a survey outside. One group went on Blackley Close, one group went to Chadderton and the other group went to Parr Lane. We looked to see what was happening with how people were parking their cars because sometimes the way cars […]

Bikeability and Baking Bonanza!

This week we have been taking part in bikeability activities.  We had to learn how to get on our bikes safely and how to be safe on the road.  The 4 coaches, Matt, Matt, Jill and Dallia, all helped us improve our skills on our bikes like signals for left turns, right turns and u turns. We went out of […]

Reception’s Happy Face!

I have introduced  a new reward strategy in our class over the last few weeks-‘Our Happy Face’ The idea is that, by following three ‘Happy Rules’, the children can earn rewards.  The three rules are: 1. Listen to the teachers and our friends. 2. Sit nicely on the carpet. 3. Play nicely with each other. essay […]