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A wonderful Welcome Assembly!

I  was so proud of the children today-what a fabulous ‘Welcome assembly’.  It was so lovely to see so many of you! The children enjoyed receiving their card from their buddy and showing it to everyone.

What a lovely way to start the day!

Thank you

Miss Ashton


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Y2’s visit to the Jewish Museum

Year 2 visited the Jewish Museum in Manchester and spent the morning looking and handling a range of different sacred artefacts. The children were able to experience what it would be like to be in a Synagogue and had lots of questions to ask our guide. Below is a gallery from the visit so that you can see what the children got up to! In the afternoon the children wrote an information text all about the museum. If you click here you can visit the official website of the museum.




  • Year 2 went to visit the Jewish Museum in Manchester and saw lots of Jewish artefacts. Also, they learnt lots about what happens inside a real Synagogue.
  • They were able to see the Torah scrolls in the Ark.
  • Try on and handle a variety of different items.
  • Try on and handle a variety of different items.
  • The children were realy interested in what a Tallit was and tried some on.
  • Upstairs the children were detectives and went on a hunt to find a range of clues to identify different artefacts.
  • The children had a go at designing their own Kippah.
  • They even put some on and learnt that they are worn to represent that God is above.
  • The children acted out a Torah procession and learnt a short song in Hebrew!
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