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Autumn term

Our class assembly went well and the children worked really hard. Well done for such a fantastic performance. Straight on to the Christmas play now!! Autumn 2 term is always a busy term and the children have jumped straight into their learning. We have been learning about traditional tales in English, which has led to some fantastic role play and vocabulary. The children have really impressed me with their multiplication and division skills in maths, the next step will be to learn our times tables. In Science we have begun learning about Materials and link this to our English work. We have begun learning about the Great Fire of London for our history enquiry and have started by doing some research about London. Super effort Year 2!


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Year 4 Blog

Scooter fun!

Another fantastic week in year 4 was concluded with a scooter session on Friday afternoon.


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“This is the best day ever!” claimed a child as the scooter session was followed by computing. The children are really enjoying working on scratch – designing characters, new backgrounds and programming objects to move and speak.

We are looking forward to the progress evenings this week, allowing you to look through the children’s books and the work that they have done this half term!


Year 4 Blog

Welcome Squishy!


Year 4 have a new member in their class!

Today, we welcomed a new member to our class. After a class vote, it was decided to name the teddy ‘Squishy’. A child will be selected each week and they will take the teddy home along with a book. I am looking forward to seeing the adventures that Squishy goes on. It is privileged to be a part of our wonderful Year 4 class!

Besides this, year 4 have been working incredibly hard again this week solving tricky addition and subtraction problems, researching the Romans, describing characters in their writing, and creating food chains in science, amongst other things.

Additionally, year 4 have voted for their school council representatives.  Each child voted for 1 boy and 1 girl after the candidates each gave an excellent speech demonstrating why they would be good at being a school councillor. The results are in but will be revealed next week…


Year 4 Blog

Another busy week in year 4

We have covered a range of topics this week in our learning.

In maths we have focused on subtraction. They children have developed their knowledge of what exactly the equals sign means and the term ‘exchanging’. Questions have included 5427- 1672 etc. A question that initially got the children thinking was 20 + 10 = ____ – 10.  A lot of the children make the common misconception of putting the answer of 30, when it should’ve been 40.


In literacy, the children have created excellent explanation texts in their writing journals. The children have clearly listened and have produced very good pieces of work. Next, we will be focussing on writing stories with a historical context. These stories should be full of description and dialogue.

Other subjects we have covered this week were: producing texture in art, finding out who the Celts were in history, working on dribbling, passing and shooting skills in P.E, programming using scratch in computing, deciding which animals are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores based on their teeth and plenty of guided reading and spelling. The children work hard in every lesson.

Please check the Twitter posts for daily updates in our  learning.




Featured Latest News Reception Class Blog

Fabulous First week in Reception

The Reception children have had a fabulous week settling into school life meeting their year six buddies and making lots of new friends. They are off to a flying start writing their names and reciting their favourite rhymes as well as  learning some new ones. Everyone has really enjoyed having school lunch with most children settling into the routines well.

This week the children have been challenged to learn 4 nursery rhymes – word perfect! Certificates will be given to children who complete the challenge. We will be doing lots of practice in school , and this will be a fantastic opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills at home.

Thank you so much for all your empty boxes and packaging, the children have really enjoyed using them to make models. Have a fabulous weekend see you on Monday.


Class Pages Latest News Year 5 Blog

Welcome back Y5!

The children in Year 5 have made a great start to the new academic year. It’s been such a busy time with so many new things going on. I’ve enjoyed the first few weeks getting to know the children and likewise, the children have enjoyed finding out about me with their inquisitive questions!

The children have been getting to grips with the new routines and becoming familiar with the way we do things in Year 5. The children are trying incredibly hard to present their work neatly, joining their handwriting and taking on board the tips they are given to improve their work further. It is really heartwarming when I see children eager to do their best and put in that extra effort.

In maths the children have been focusing on place value and extending their understanding of 4, 5, and 6 digit numbers. We played various dice and number line games which the children enjoyed. The children have moved to using pens to record their maths work which was a bit scary for some. The children asked “what happens if we get it wrong? We can’t rub it out!” to which I replied “the best maths learning happens when you get things wrong.”

We’ve made a great start to our history and science enquiries too.  The children have enjoyed getting involved in a number of practical group activities this week, including ‘mapping from memory’ and using the iPADs to gather information about different materials and their properties.

We discussed what ‘good’ group work looks like and how each group member is equally important and needs to do their share of work. This is something we will focus on regularly during our PATHs lesson, in particular we will look at the different roles we can have when working in collaborative groups.

The children have been given a range of homework tasks, including spellings, homework books and reading. The children have brought home a letter which outlines when different homework needs to be completed by. Why not check out our school website and use the Year 5 enquiry based pages to support homework activities. It is important that children spend sufficient time working on these pieces of homework across the week. If there are any issues regarding homework please don’t hesitate to come and speak to me.

You can always follow us on Twitter and catch up on what we’ve been up to too!


Year 4 Blog

A great start to the year for Year 4!

Year 4 have had a brilliant start to the year. They have settled into the routines of the class and are producing work to a high standard. We have a great set of children in this class who listen, work hard, are good friends and enjoy learning. They have been a pleasure to teach.

Some of our lessons this half term consist of:

Roman Britain in History

Learning about the teeth and digestive system in Science.

Explanation texts in Literacy

Although we have been focussing on place value (ordering numbers, rounding numbers etc.), this question below was a challenge on the homework. It was designed to make the children think about what exactly the graph shows and to make up a story. A great example for an answer was:

“A boy dug a hole for 20 minutes to a depth of 40cm because he wanted to put a small plant in it. After that, he had a rest for 10 minutes whilst he ate some lunch. Between 30-35 minutes his dog came along and filled in 10 cm of the hole. The boy realised this and dug the hole back to 40cm. For the next 10 minutes, the plant was put in the hole and the soil was placed back in. The depth of the hole returned to 0cm.”

Create a story for this graph


Featured Latest News Year 2 Blog

Back to school!

Year 2 have made a fantastic start and have settled into the new year really quickly. We have been getting to know the class rules and routines, as well as becoming familiar with our new classroom. We have also been learning about our golden rules and how we can promote them. The children have enjoyed learning about our class rewards systems and have already chosen the grand prizes! In English we have been learning about poetry and have even had a go at writing our own poems. In Maths, we have been learning about place value and learning what each digit means in a number. Everyone has been working hard and has made a great return to school. Well done everybody! Miss Robinson.


Headteacher's Blog Latest News

Back to school

Welcome back to school, everybody! It is always a pleasure to see the children on the first morning back-proud in their new school uniforms and ready for the challenges of the new school year. Our new Reception Class children have arrived and have settled in beautifully. This year we have introduced a new app called Tapestry which we will use to document the activities and learning of our new class. This will be accessible to parents and carers and there is a facility to comment back. This, together with our Twitter feed and our website, means that our school community has never been as well informed as to what is happening across the school day.

Prior to the children starting, our staff attended a couple of training days in order to prepare for the coming year and to re-visit our core values and principles. We reminded ourselves of the meaning of our school motto, Together We Build Understanding, and what this means to our children. We know how important quality teaching and learning is for a young person’s future, but we also discussed the importance of their well-being and happiness. It is interesting that happiness and friendship were two of the values which received most votes in our recent poll. This year we will use the five core values, as selected by our school community, as our assembly themes-happiness, respect, honesty, friendship and learning.

It has also been a pleasure to welcome back some of our Y6 leavers this week. Many of them have visited after school to show us their new uniforms, their homework journals and to tell us how they have settled into their new schools. They understand the importance of our values and know they will always be part of our community and are happy to pop in and chat.

On Tuesday 20th September, we will be officially welcoming our new pupils into school during our Welcome Assembly. Any child new to the school, including all of our Reception Class, will be welcomed by our Y6 pupils. All parents and carers of pupils new to school are invited to attend. The assembly starts at 9:10am.

On behalf of the staff and governors, I would like to thank you for your on-going support. I have always felt that it is a privilege to be part of our community and I hope you will continue to feel the same way too as we move forward this year.

Featured Latest News Music Teacher's Blog

Musical Fun!

I always look forward to the start of a new term, thinking about all the exciting opportunities and events the new school year will bring. One of the most enjoyable activities I like to engage in during the holidays is to look for new resources, particularly songs for the children to perform either in class, Big Sing or Choral group. Mr Geelan has often commented ‘Why are we listening to Christmas songs during August?’ I like to be well planned so when a festival or celebration is upon us I have the necessary repertoire for the children to learn and enjoy.

I will continue this academic year to visit Unsworth every Tuesday, leading the whole school singing assembly and working with individual classes. Year 2 will be learning to play the Ocarina and Year 3 the recorder.  I will be responsible for the Year 5 Brass Wider Opportunities project across the year.  In the past we have many problems with the maintenance of these instruments.  If a problem does occur, please parents do not be tempted to fix the instruments yourselves.  We have an expert on instrument repairs who has the necessary tools and appliances to do the job!  Please encourage your children to practise their instruments, the sound may not be too pleasant initially but that’s all part of the learning process.

Choral group begin rehearsals in the next couple of weeks and you will receive additional information about this activity. Fiddler Music will continue to visit school on a Tuesday afternoon, so please remember your guitars and ukuleles. It is great to see we have some new recruits this year who have been added to the list. Bury Music Service are also willing to provide tuition if there are additional instruments your child may like to learn. Please visit the school office where information can be obtained.

The Bury Young Voices choir directed by myself is an out of school activity, however children from Unsworth Y5 and above are welcome to join, if they have an avid interest in singing. We meet every Tuesday at the Derby High School Inspire Theatre at 4 45- 5 45pm (Price £1 per session)

We want your children to enjoy music at school, so if you have any questions or queries, please pop in and have a chat.