Myths, Maths and Maps!

What a great week we’ve had. I have been amazed with the growing confidence with which the children are tackling their work. The children are working brilliantly with each other and are supporting each other in their learning. We started the week with sharing our brilliant mythical stories which the children enjoyed writing. I spent […]

Working together

We have had an exciting week since our return after half term. Three times each year we plan a ‘whole-school enquiry’ in which we develop a set of skills across every class. Our current enquiry is entitled ‘If you go down to the woods today..’ and focuses on developing mapping skills in geography. We have […]

Head Teachers Leading Assessment

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the training session that Mrs Reynolds and Mr Rhodes were holding for 16 Bury Headteachers this morning in the new training room at school.  The focus of the session was “assessment”.  This morning’s session was the first of three and was very informative.  It was extremely […]

A little bit of imagination

When year 2 come back from their half term rest, there are lots of exciting new challenges ahead across the next half term. Last half term they spend time developing their understanding of maps and directional language, through creating their own lego maps and then using these to draw a map with an accompanying key. I […]

Dance, sports crews and clubs!

It has been another eventful and energetic half term for sport at Unsworth! Across each week, every class takes part in 2 x one hour PE sessions. This involves the children taking part in a variety of sporting activities including gymnastics, invasion games and dance. This half term, the focus has been on our dance […]

Learning to be a good digital citizen!

This week year 2 spent some time reflecting on what the Internet is and how they use it. The children had lots of different ideas about what they thought the Internet was, such as: “something that is in the clouds” “a place to play games” “something you connect your wifi to” “a virtual place where you […]

A poetic end to the week!

On Thursday, 6 children from Y3 and Y4 were invited to attend an able writers day at a local school. We were joined by a few other schools in the area, alongside Manchester born poet, Tony Walsh. The day was filled with hands on activities, group discussions and different approaches to teach poetry. The main […]