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PATHS and reflections

Over the past few weeks, in our weekly PATHS (Promoting Alternate THinking Strategies) sessions, we have been looking at strategies to help us deal with different situations and scenarios. We used drama and role play to act out situations that could involve conflict or disagreement. As a class, alongside the PATHS system, we created a system to help us to control and channel our behaviour both in and outside the classroom.

We also discussed a variety of positive and negative feelings and shared experiences that relate to each emotion.  We discussed how feelings can link to actions and came to the conclusion that all feelings are acceptable but it is how we behave in relation to this particular feeling. We have chosen the word ‘choices’ to determine the path we take.  We decided that our control system would become useful when we are involved in different situations.

We finally reflected on our scenarios and wrote a caption to explain how we, as individuals, are going to use our actions and feelings system on the playground and in class and have displayed our ideas on our PATHS feelings display.

Y3, what do you think about our weekly PATHS sessions in class? Comment below…

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Poppies, Flags and Javelins

It was a great pleasure this week to receive the poppy creations for our commemorative garden. The children have been very creative in thinking of different materials to use to make the poppies. We have started to ‘plant’ our poppy field at the opening to our Y1/2 garden. We have also received some beautiful red geraniums, which we have planted in pots. Some children have also shared family photographs of their ancestors who were involved in the war. We intend to mount a display so if you have any photographs or other items of interest, we would be grateful to receive copies to add to the display. Please do not send in items of value or original photographs.

On Tuesday, we held our new Junior Sports Day. In our class councils and Key Stage 2 assembly, we had asked the children about the way we do Sports Day and if we should change it. The children said they still wanted to have the traditional, competitive races but have other events such as throwing. We felt that the event was very successful from the children’s point of view. They were much more active and involved in more events. Children who prefer the field events were able to do them.

Standing at the finish line, I was able to see the efforts made and the enjoyment on the children’s faces. It is important that primary-aged children have positive experiences of sport, including competition. Having said that, we have to be mindful that losing a race can be difficult for a child. That is why I like to stand at the finish and encourage all finishers with a smile and a joke so they do not get upset. Next year, we will do both track and field activities again, as they were successful, but we will re-think the spectator area for parents to improve the view of the events.

On Wednesday, I completed day 1 of a two day health and safety course for school managers. There are many considerations and responsibilities in this area and it is sometimes a difficult job to ensure that everyone complies with safety rules. A perfect example of this is the use of the school car park. On Friday, my final job before the weekend was to receive a complaint about an argument between a parent leaving our car park and a local resident. This happened in front of children.

Over the years I have spent a lot of time writing letters, dealing with angry residents and challenging people using the staff car park. I worry that one day one of our children will be hurt, or worse, by someone driving into Blackley Close or the car park. The vast majority of parents using the Before and After School Club,the school and the nursery are responsible people and walk the very short distance from Chadderton Drive to school. A handful of people, however, persist in driving into the close or using the car park without permission. I am giving serious consideration to closing the gates at certain periods but it would be better if the individuals concerned just considered the safety of our children and walked!

On Thursday, we all enjoyed Y4’s class assembly. They gave us some interesting facts about the World Cup, challenged our knowledge of national flags and showed us their samba moves! As ever, the children were incredibly well supported by their parents attending the event. It is great to see so many people attending our events week after week. It makes such a difference to the children to be so well supported in the things they do in school. Thank you!



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Y2’s visit to the Jewish Museum

Year 2 visited the Jewish Museum in Manchester and spent the morning looking and handling a range of different sacred artefacts. The children were able to experience what it would be like to be in a Synagogue and had lots of questions to ask our guide. Below is a gallery from the visit so that you can see what the children got up to! In the afternoon the children wrote an information text all about the museum. If you click here you can visit the official website of the museum.




  • Year 2 went to visit the Jewish Museum in Manchester and saw lots of Jewish artefacts. Also, they learnt lots about what happens inside a real Synagogue.
  • They were able to see the Torah scrolls in the Ark.
  • Try on and handle a variety of different items.
  • Try on and handle a variety of different items.
  • The children were realy interested in what a Tallit was and tried some on.
  • Upstairs the children were detectives and went on a hunt to find a range of clues to identify different artefacts.
  • The children had a go at designing their own Kippah.
  • They even put some on and learnt that they are worn to represent that God is above.
  • The children acted out a Torah procession and learnt a short song in Hebrew!
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