“Many years ago people thought a Dragon lived in a cave at Unsworth. It ate local cattle and soon few remained. Many heroes tried to slay the Dragon, but arrow, lance nor shot harmed it until the appearence of Thomas Unsworth. He made the Dragon so angry that it roared, raising its head whereupon Thomas fired a dagger from a musket into its throat and killed the Dragon. Since that time the area has been called Unsworth in memory of Thomas Unsworth. Local people interviewed in  1985 said that they believed the story although some said that “Dragon” could have been a wild Wolf, Bear or Wild Boar.” (BBC Domesday History)

The home of the ancient Unsworth family was noted for containing an oak table and panel with carvings of Saint George and the Dragon, Eagle and Child, the Lion and the Unicorn  and the Unsworth Dragon connected with a local legend. Thomas Unsworth supposedly owned the house when a dragon ravaged the area. Bullets from guns had no effect but Thomas Unsworth mortally wounded the dragon by firing his dagger from a musket. The carvings on the panel and table were supposedly made with the dagger.


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  1. I think the dragon would have been very strong and did it live in a cave where our school is?

    1. I think the dragon is red with green spikes. I don’t think it’s real although the story sounds real. I think Thomas Unsworth was real because otherwise how did people come up with Unsworth.