Training & Support

Training & Support

At Unsworth we not only recognise the value of looking beyond our own school to reflect on our practice, but also relish the opportunity to work in partnership with other schools to develop collaborations and support networks. Our school is led by an experienced leadership team who all have clear roles and responsibilities. As a school we have a well-understood vision and ambition for both the school and its community, which centres around our motto of “Together we Build Understanding”.

Throughout the school high expectations are communicated to all staff through a developmental approach to CPD which is based on outcomes, the School Development Plan priorities and the individual’s needs at all stages of their career. Great care is taken to develop leadership capacity across the whole staff. This ensures that staff are skilled and motivated in their work with pupils and in their partnerships with each other and parents.

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Our  Head teacher Christine Reynolds is a Local Leader of Education,  member of Bury Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) Schools group, member of Bury Teaching Schools Alliance Strategic Partnership Board (BTSA) and mentor for newly appointed Head teachers. Currently she is involved in a working group responsible for developing a peer review system for Bury Head teachers. Our Deputy Head teacher Andrew Rhodes is a Specialist Leader of Education, Basic Skills Quality Mark Assessor and OLEVI Outstanding Teacher Programme/Power of Coaching Facilitator. He is currently involved in planning and delivering the Bury NQT programme in collaboration with the BTSA and BPLC.

Both have been commissioned by the local teaching school and the LA to give school to school support across a number of Bury schools. Across the academic year 2014-2015, both leaders presented the schools bespoke assessment system to Head teachers at two briefing sessions, whilst some of the materials produced have been utilised by over 30 Bury schools as a starting point for the development of their own assessment systems. Two further sessions were led in Summer 2015 and Autumn 2015 with the Additional Needs Team, to develop a wider understanding on the changes to the national picture of assessment.

Currently our Reception teacher Martine Ashton is a Phonics Lead Practitioner within Bury and our Year 5 teacher and SMSC Leader Mrs Ali is a Maths Lead Practitioner. Both members of staff have been working with other schools to share and develop practice, whilst accessing up to date training on both these key areas of the curriculum. Our KS2 and English Leader Ms Sinclair is currently working in partnership with Castlebrook High School to develop a maths partnership linked to transition, whilst also developing the school approach to feedback and marking across the curriculum. Our Year 3 teacher Mrs McLoughlin has been developing PE across the school through use of the Sports Premium Funding, which has resulted in partnerships with sports coaches, new equipment and the development of a Lunchtime Leaders Crew. The crew  is made up of children across KS2, who meet on a weekly basis to plan and develop opportunities for sport across the school.

The experience, systems and work outside of the school has led to rigorous planning for continual improvement. A growing part of this work has been the development of training and support packages for other practitioners and schools across a number of different areas of Education. We frequently conduct Learning Walks with other leaders and teachers from across Bury, as well as offering leadership placements and year group observations/commentaries linked to specific areas of the curriculum. Recently we completed the refurbishment of an area of our school, which has now become our adult learning space. This space has allowed us to provide our staff with an area of school where they can take time to reflect and develop their own practice, whilst also giving us a place to both develop/run the training and support packages we are involved in.

This area of our website aims to explain the different training courses and support packages that we offer, as well as sharing an insight into the impact our support has had.

“Thank you for allowing us to have a look around your school. The whole environment is warm and inviting. The pupil voice is clearly evident throughout the school, in the variety of displays and within the culture of each classroom. Truly inspirational. Thank you.”

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