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Unsworth eWarriors

Unsworth eWarriors

Welcome to our e-warrior page. At Unsworth we want to equip our children with the skills they need to be an active part of the ever growing digital world in which they live. We believe that through promoting and actively using technology throughout our school, we can help to make our children responsible digital citizens Our Unsworth e-warriors are a small group of children who have been elected by the rest of the school community to be our digital leaders and e-safety champions.

The aim of this page is to provide a space for our e-warriors to communicate the work that they are doing across our school to develop digital learning and promote our online e-safety rules. A warrior is defined as someone who is engaged energetically in an activity, cause or conflict. Our warriors are the driving force behind our development of 21st century digital citizens, so that we can develop themes that the children are experiencing or need to learn more about.

Our Unsworth e-warriors have  been tasked to:

  • Regularly support children and adults across school with how to use new and emerging technology, whilst staying safe online.
  • Meet each fortnight to discuss ways to promote e-safety and to learn new key information.
  • Develop an interactive approach to sharing key information about digital resources and e-safety.
  • Create child friendly learning sessions, present esafety briefings for each class and help run a technology club.

Unsworth eWarrior Team 2017-2018

Below are our eWarriors for this academic year!

Coming Soon

  • Learn about our Warrior Code of Honour
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