Whole school textiles enquiry

This whole school art and design enquiry was focused on textiles, as it was identified by the school Arts Task Team as an area where more work could be done to develop the progression of textile skills across the school. The idea was for children to learn about the textile industry and link products that they made to  “50 years of learning” (1964-2014) at Unsworth primary school. These products were researched, designed and mass produced by each class. This page sets out the overallaims of the enquiry, has links to textile resources and showcases the work that was produced.


The aims of the enquiry were for children to:

  • Understand what the school jubilee means and how it could be incorporated into their textile works.
  • Understand what the textiles industry is.
  • To understand the term enterprise and what it means.
  • Use relevant vocabulary associated. (Can children use the word textiles, explain what different media they are using or talk about the techniques they have used?)
  • Explore the skills associated with textiles. ( dying, sewing, weaving, printing, layering, cutting, joining, paste resist and batique)
  • Experiment with a range of different materials to apply techniques to.
  • Partake in a variety of art appreciation activities that focus on the role of designers in the textile Industry.
  • Develop an understanding of how items are mass produced on a production line and experience this within the classroom to create items.
  • Develop textile skills through exploring and developing textile ideas through short focused tasks.
  • Evaluate the textile journey.
  • Contribute to the class collection of textile works to sell.


Click the pictures below to find out more information about textiles.

childrens museumollies world


The culmination of this enquiry was a “Market Day”, where the Y2 class was  turned into a Market for the day with stalls set out. Each class had a session to visit the market and purchase commemorative items with their money. Children from year 6 handled all the money, ensuring the items were totalled up and the correct change given. They also provided an additional gift wrapping service. The market day raised £286 for the school playground fund.

Also, a banner with the title:





was created to commemorate the Jubilee of the school. Each class was given letters to apply their textile technique to and these were put together to create a commemorative banner to display.

Have a look at the gallery below to see how the textile enquiry was developed across the school.

  • Reception started their enquiry by feeling different materials.
  • They set up a production line to make tags to commemorate the schools golden jubilee.
  • Also, they used different materials to create painted designs on gift boxes.
  • Year 1 used weaving techniques to make coasters.
  • Year 2 turned their classroom into a weaving factory.
  • They used a cardboard loom to hand weave friendship bracelets.
  • The finished friendship bracelets had a small charm on them which said 50 YOL (Years of Learning).
  • Year 3 developed their sewing skills by stitching and decorating felt phone cases.
  • They also made money purses.
  • Year 4 designed a commemorative book mark and created a production line in their classroom to make them using paste resist.
  • Year 5 made their own fabric for pencil cases and worked on a sewing machine with Mrs Ali to add zips to some of them!
  • Year 6 designed fabric frames taking inspiration from famous textile designers of the past.
  • The frames needed glue guns and lots of patience.
  • The year 2 classroom was turned into a market place and the items put out for each class to browse.
  • Each class had a half an hour slot to visit the market place and choose some items to buy.
  • There was lots of debate over what to buy and lots of children made sure they bought a combination of items to use their money.
  • Year 6 helped to total up items and give change.
  • Many children had their items gift wrapped by year 6 at the wrapping station.
  • The children were pleased with what they had bought.
  • At the end of the day we had raised £268 for our school playground fund!
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