As part of the school jubilee celebrations in Summer 2015, each class was asked the question “How has school life changed at Unsworth over the last 50 years?” Over the years, information about the daily life at school has been written down or recorded in different ways. This includes various log books with written records, photographs and newspaper articles about events at school. The children had access to these various types of “primary sources” which make up our school archives, to find out about life at Unsworth.


The main aims of this enquiry were for the children:

  • to understand what the terms Primary and Secondary Source mean, identifying the difference between them.
  • Know that as a historian they would ask questions to help discover information.
  • Discover/use historical information linked to our school and talk about our history.
  • Identify how things may have changed or stayed the same over time.
  • Interpret sources and link this to an understanding of chronology.

Across two weeks, the children focussed on a range of smaller questions to answer the main enquiry question.

  • How has the school building changed?
  • How has school life changed?
  • Have we always worn the same uniform?
  • What are the key events in our school history?
  • Have we always been called Unsworth Primary?
  • Why were some children punished?

Mrs Reynolds opened the enquiry with a whole school assembly that introduced 1964 (the year the school opened) to the children. Through sharing the first entry in the log book by the first head teacher Mr Higginbottom, the children learnt some initial facts about the school. Following this, each class began their own historical enquiry. These involved the creation of films, art work, role plays, written information texts and reports, interactive ebooks, popplet grids, timelines, montages, interviews with past members of staff and photography.

The culmination was a “living history” exhibition in the school hall, where each class produced an exhibit, which was mixed with samples form the school archives. Parents and members of the community were invited to the exhibition and the Bury Times came to capture it as well. Have a look at the gallery below to get a flavour of the exhibition.

Click the link below to see a brief video of the exhibition.

50 Years of Learning


When the school opened the children went on a whole school trip, so 50 years later we decided to do the same. Below is a gallery of our trip, which happened at the end of our two week enquiry.

  • When our school first opened 50 years ago, a whole trip was organised. 50 years later we decided to do the same!
  • The whole school made their way to the East Lancashire Railway station in Bury.
  • The children and adults were incredibly excited.
  • We had our own carriages chartered.
  • As the train pulled up to the platform the whole school started to fill up the carriages and year 6 loved their Hogwarts style carriages.
  • The steam train journey took us to Ramsbottom station.
  • Once we got off the train we started to walk to Nuttall Park.
  • Once we arrived it was time for picnics and games!
  • The children and adults had great fun in the sun.
  • After a few hours of fun in the sun we started our journey home on the steam train. A great end to two nostalgic weeks finding out about "50 years of learning".
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Below are some of the comments that were left by our visitors in the visitors book.


 “What a fantastic display! The children have clearly worked really hard and it’s fantastic to see the history of Unsworth.”


“Amazing display! Fantastic way to culminate the anniversary! A lot of detail-memory lane for some!! Unsworth Rocks”


“What a wonderful exhibition. You have all worked so hard! Well done! It has been really interesting!”


“Fantastic display that brought back many happy memories from when my daughter came”


“Thoroughly enjoyed looking round your Living History Museum. I was a parent governor in the early 1980’s and have lived in Unsworth for 47 years so recognise lots of folk in your excellent photographs.”

Parent Governor

“Fascinating, I could have spent all day looking through all the interesting exhibits. Thank you for sharing.”


“Thoroughly enjoyed the Living History Museum 2015. It brought back so many memories as I used to be a pupil here from 1977 to 1983. Well done to all the teachers and children.”


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  1. What a brilliant film and selection of photos, Barney and Dexter really enjoyed showing me the exhibition yesterday