Whole School Dance Enquiry

As part of our school golden jubilee celebrations our whole school PE enquiry in Spring 2015 focused on the idea of dance through the decades. The title for the whole school enquiry was:

How has the ‘school dance’ changed in 50 years?

Over two weeks, staff, children and parents worked together with students from Bury College to combine music, fashion and dance routines from different decades to celebrate “50 years of learning”.


The aim of this enquiry was for the  children to:

  • Know that there are different dance styles, which reflect different decades
  • Understand that dancing is a skill, which can be improved like any other, can often involve co-operation and is a social activity
  • Understand dance has many health benefits, is a form of exercise and can be fun
  • Explore the skills associated with dance. ( varying speed of movements and levels, using gestures, characters, actions to convey moods or feelings in relation to skills for each year group )
  • Experiment with a range of different dance steps,, whilst partaking in music appreciation activities that focus on moods and feelings created by specific pieces of music
  • Develop an understanding of how music, dance and fashion are important ways to express a persons individuality.
  • Evaluate and adapt dances of their peers, themselves and of others e.g. video clips focusing on the use of key vocabulary and skills for each year group based on success criteria created with the children
  • Understand the meaning of performance by contributing to a class dance which reflects the decade chosen


The culmination of this enquiry was an ‘Unsworth Comes Dancing’  event where each class performed a dance reflecting dance steps, styles, music and fashion related to a specific decade.  Our year 6 introduced each class and explained what they had worked  on. Our hall was set up as an old style dance hall, with rows of seats arranged at the side and parents were invited in to experience the performances.  To open each performance, all the staff performed a decades mash up dance with year 6.

Have a look at the gallery below to see our whole school enquiry in pictures!

  • Our Dance Enquiry was a celebration of 50 years of learning at Unsworth and looked at the fashion, music and dance associated with the 60's to now.
  • Students from Bury College came into to wow the children with their own dance that was created for our enquiry as part of their college course.
  • The students supported each class to put together their dance.
  • On our performance day the staff all formed a part of each decade in a special dance performance with year 6!
  • Each class performed their own decade dance to their choosen music and dressed to showcase the decade.
  • Parents and Governors came to watch the "Unsworth Comes Dancing" Performances.
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