In Summer 2013 we worked as a whole school on the enquiry “What is Sculpture?” where children were given the opportunity to explore sculpture through Art and Design and Technology. The two week enquiry focused on using recycled materials to create sculptures for the creation of a sculpture walk around school, using both the inside and outside of the school building. The overall theme was “Once Upon a Time at Unsworth”. Click here to download a PowerPoint presentation about sculpture.



The aim of the enquiry was for children to:

  • Understand what sculpture is.
  • Explore different types of sculpture.
  • Evaluate sculptures
  • Look at the work of prolific sculptures
  • Create their own or a group sculpture


Each class developed their own individual and group sculptures, choosing an area of the school as their exhibition space. Our school community were invited into school to take themselves on a walk around our trail and the school council devised a map to help visitors understand where to go. If you look at the gallery below, you can view what our sculpture trail looked like and see some of the sculptures that the children created.

  • Our school council created a map of our sculpture walk for visitors to follow and took some visitors on guided tours!
  • We collected comments about what our visitors thought about our work.
  • Reception created minibeast sculptures in their garden.
  • They really enjoyed putting the spider web together!
  • Year 1 made a sculpture garden of flowers for our sculpture trail.
  • Year 2 thought about mythical creatures and created a cyclops to welcome visitors to the forbidden forest area of the trail.
  • The creatures were created using wire and the children worked in small groups of four to turn one of their chosen designs into a life size sculpture.
  • Children in Year 2 created trees for their forest using recycled bottles, paper and canes.
  • The willow dome was filled with mythical creatures.
  • Year 3 used books to create a castle sculpture with a knight!
  • Year 4 created a sculpture using socks and put together the Birds of Paradise area on our trail.
  • The bright colours really brought the sculptures to life!
  • Year 5 looked at how to create paper sculptures.
  • These newspaper sculptures made a big impression.
  • Year 6 created the Dragon's nest area of the sculpture trail.
  • The children made baby dragons.
  • As a class the children created a dragon using wire, cans and plastic bags!
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Below are a range of different images of sculptures collected from a variety of websites and from a tour of Yorkshire Sculpture Park.




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