Year 1

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Year 1 continues the Early Years Foundation Stage approach through Autumn 1. It is set up as a variety of learning areas for the children to continue to develop their learning through play based activities. The children will use the areas to complete both structured activities or independent tasks. Across the year children will develop their ability to work independently whilst in the areas carrying out challenges set each week as well as taking part in teacher led activities.

Children are encouraged to choose their own resources to complete tasks and use the displays to aid their learning for spellings, prompts, ideas or inspiration!


 Day to Day Routines in Year 1

  • Home reading books are changed every Tuesday and Thursday. Children receive two books on a Thursday.
  • PE takes place on a Tuesday and Friday. Please make sure all PE kits are clearly labelled with children’s names.
  • Enquiry homework tasks are set every other Friday and are due back the Thursday before the next task is set.
  • High frequency word spellings will be given out at the end of the 1st half term. There will be no weekly tests of these words, but it would be good if children can choose a few each week to have a go at.



Over the year the children will explore key topics within Science. Some of the topics will link with the current enquiry being covered, however some will run as a separate enquiry. The topics stated in the new National Curriculum for Year 1 are as follows;

  • Plants-What are the different parts of a plant?
  • Animals including humans- What is the difference between different types of animals? What are the main parts of the body?
  • Everyday Materials- What are the main different materials and their properties?
  • Seasonal Changes-How and why  is the weather different in each of the 4 seasons?


Enquiry Curriculum Themes

Across the Autumn Term children will carry out the enquiries below, with each enquiry lasting for two to three weeks. A whole school enquiry will also take place at the start of Autumn  2 with a Science focus. Details will follow soon! Click here to download a detailed subject overview of the year 1 curriculum or click here to download our year 1 non negotiable curriculum leaflet.

How have homes changed?

  • History and Digital Literacy

What is science?

  • Science & Data

Who are my neighbours?

  • Geography, Online and Digital Literacy

What parts does the human body have?

  •  Science & Digital Literacy




What have Year 1 been up to?


We held a charity cake sale to raise money for Grace’s Place and invited their friends and families into school.

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  • IMG_2763
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We went on a visit to St Georges Church.

  • St_georges_church_unsworth
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Games Playground


Dance Mat Typing


Connect Four





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