Year 2

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Year 2 continues to use elements of play based learning such as role play, and small world, but does introduce children to more structured learning. Children are seated in mixed ability groups when they arrive in the morning and throughout the afternoon. For reading, writing, math’s and phonics the children do sit in ability groups, but again mixed ability groups are used within these subjects as well. Children are encouraged to work independently, but also collaborate in pairs or small groups. Children will get the chance to sit with a variety of different children across the year to develop their relationships with their peers.

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Day to Day Routines in Year 2

  • Home reading books are changed every Tuesday and Thursday. Children receive two books on a Thursday.
  • PE takes place every Wednesday and Monday afternoon.
  • Enquiry homework tasks are set every other Friday and are due in by the following Thursday.
  • High frequency word spellings will be given out at the end of the 1st half term. There will be no weekly tests of these words, but it would be good if children can choose a few each week to have a go at.
  • At the end of each day, adults in year  2 will walk the children down to the playground and send children to whoever is picking them up once the children have pointed them out. We kindly ask adults not to wait in the garden area.


Over the year the children will explore key topics within Science. Some of the topics will link with the current enquiry being covered, however some will run as a separate enquiry. The topics stated in the new National Curriculum for Year 2 are as follows;

  • Living Things and their Habitats- What different habitats are there and how are living things different?
  • Plants-How are bulbs and seeds different?
  • Animals including humans- What are the basic needs of humans and animals? How can we lead a healthy lifestyle?
  • Uses of Everyday Materials- How can we compare different materials?

Enquiry Curriculum Themes

Across the Autumn Term children will have the opportunity to explore the following questions in class through an enquiry based approach, which aims to develop their own ability to pose questions, research, make connections and draw conclusions. Each enquiry lasts for about 3 weeks and there will be a whole school enquiry that takes place during Autumn 2. To download a detailed subject overview of the year 2 curriculum click here or click here for the  year 2 non negotiable leaflet. 


  • Geography and History


  • Science, Data and Digital Literacy


  • History, Art & Digital Literacy


  • Science, Data & Digital Literacy


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What kinds of things do year 2 get up to?

In our whole school textile enquiry we turned our classroom into a weaving factory and made friendship bracelets to sell.

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We have learnt to create our own maps and keys.

  • We have been designing our own maps and keys.
  • On our maps we had to include a balance of human and physical features.
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We have learnt about where the different parts of the UK are and also how to use pastels to draw adding tone.

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On our 1st day we worked in pairs and groups of 4 to solve a tricky square challenge, create t-shirts about our personalities and started our pirate enquiry by creating a wanted poster for a missing pirate! With Mr French we created puppets and made a class spider web.

  • We learnt about the different parts of a pirate ship.
  • We aged paper to create wanted posters
  • We learnt about why pirates had flags.
  • We used our role play area to turn into pirates!
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We visited the Jewish museum in Manchester.

  • Year 2 went to visit the Jewish Museum in Manchester and saw lots of Jewish artefacts. Also, they learnt lots about what happens inside a real Synagogue.
  • They were able to see the Torah scrolls in the Ark.
  • Try on and handle a variety of different items.
  • Try on and handle a variety of different items.
  • The children were realy interested in what a Tallit was and tried some on.
  • Upstairs the children were detectives and went on a hunt to find a range of clues to identify different artefacts.
  • The children had a go at designing their own Kippah.
  • They even put some on and learnt that they are worn to represent that God is above.
  • The children acted out a Torah procession and learnt a short song in Hebrew!
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Below you can have a look at our finished framed still life art work!

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An artist visited our classroom to help us with our whole school enquiry about still life drawing. Have a look at what we got up to.

  • We have started to learn about what still life means.
  • In our classroom we have set up our own still life artist studio.
  • We have learnt that an artist chooses objects and carefully arranges them.
  • An artist visited our class for the afternoon to help us with our enquiry.
  • She shared examples of her own work.
  • She started to show us how to draw our arranged fruit.
  • She asked each of us to help add a part to the drawing.
  • We used pastels and the artist taught us how to blend them.
  • We were able to understand how tone is created and add some ourselves!
  • We learnt about adding shadows.
  • Our artist reminded us that a good still life artist always looks carefully at what they can see.
  • Here is our finished drawing that we completed with our visiting artist!
  • Miss Hackett taught us about the different lines and shapes that drawings are made up of. We had a go at creating our own.
  • Also we had a go at sketching different fruits by observing carefully.
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We have now finished our work on writing explanations. Below you can see us in action writing our Airport explanation texts.

  • We used a set of pictures to sequence the order of what happens at the airport.
  • We have started to write in paragraphs.
  • Our finished texts aim to explain what happens when the airport is visited.
  • We really tried hard to concentrate on making sure all the features of an explanation were included.
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We have finished making our clay pots and have now painted them. We have also been using Purple Mash to be creative and work on our own projects.

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We have created our own alpine garden and started to write up our science experiments.

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Have a look at our busy week!

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We have started to look at how to write our own explanations.

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We have started our plants enquiry and we worked with Mrs Bevan to plant our own seed and set up some experiments that we are going to be observing over the next two weeks.

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Year 2 were really busy during our Christmas enquiry working on their understanding of what nativity paintings tell them about the story. Check out the gallery below to view some of the work children produced!

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Click the pictures below to play some games.


Soccer Subtraction


Story Maker


Dance Mat Typing


Barnaby Bear


A variety of BBC bite size activities



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