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If you click on the blog link next to year 3 in the curriculum tab above, you will see a weekly update of what Year 3 have been up to!

Year 3 builds on from the structure of Year 2, organised into a variety of learning spaces to ensure a smooth transition into Key Stage 2 and to reflect the themes the children are learning about.

Classroom displays are used to celebrate all children’s work,  to promote thinking and to encourage children to make the right choices in terms of their attitude and behaviour.

In addition the literacy, spelling, maths and enquiry based learning walls can be accessed by the children to provide prompts and support them with their writing targets, spelling, punctuation, counting and multiplication facts.

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Throughout the day, the children are provided with opportunities to access the learning spaces to extend their learning and to promote independence.  The areas include a reading corner, writing area and maths area.  During lessons, the children are encouraged to access a wide variety of resources from each area to support them with their learning.


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Every Wednesday afternoon Madame Jackson will teach the children French and Mrs Channon will teach RE.

Day to Day Routines in Year 3

  • Home reading books are changed every Tuesday and Friday. If you would like to keep your child’s book in between the days we change, please just leave a message in your child’s reading journal.
  • PE takes place every Monday and Thursday afternoon. Please ensure your child’s name is on every item of clothing.
  • Enquiry homework tasks are set every other Friday and are due in by the Thursday before the next homework is set.
  • Abacus maths tasks are set regularly and can be accessed freely at home by following the links on the school website.
  • Phonics/spelling sessions will take place daily.  Spellings will be given out at the end of each term. There will be no weekly tests, instead children will be assessed as and when spelling patterns are covered.
  • Music lessons take place every Tuesday with Miss Geelan and Ms Sinclair.  Children may bring a recorder in from home if they wish to when taking part in our recorder sessions. The children will have further opportunities to access music through assemblies and as a class during the week.


Over the year the children will explore key topics within Science. Some of the topics will link with the current enquiry being covered, however some will run as a separate enquiry. The topics stated in the new National Curriculum for Year 3 are as follows;

  • Plants– What are the main functions of a plant?
  • Animals including humans– How do animals absorb nutrients from their food?
  • What is the purpose of a skeleton?
  • Rocks and Fossils– How are rocks different?
  • Forces and Magnetism– Why do certain materials attract or repel?
  • Light and Shadows– How are shadows formed?

Enquiry Curriculum

Across each term the children will have the opportunity to explore specific enquiry based questions in class, which aims to develop their own ability to pose questions, research, make connections and draw conclusions. Each enquiry lasts for about 3- 4 weeks and a whole school enquiry takes place at the end of each term focusing on the Arts, humanities or science. To download a detailed subject overview of the year 3 curriculum click here or click here to download our year 3 non negotiable curriculum leaflet.

Please make use of our enquiry pages which are uploaded at the beginning of each enquiry.  The children have access to these pages during lessons and are often useful to support the children with their enquiry homework based tasks.  The pages can be found by clicking on the Year 3 tab where you will find our current enquiry page and the weekly blog.

Our enquiry themes are as follows;

Autumn Term

  • What are the main functions of a plant? (science)
  • What impact did the Ancient Greeks have on the present day? (history)
  • How and why do animals absorb nutrients from their food? (science)
  • How does living in the Orkney Islands vary to living in NW England? (geography)

Spring Term

  • How was life for children different during the Victorian period? (history)
  • What is the purpose of a skeleton? (science)
  • Is the Ghanaian culture similar to the way we live in Bury? (geography)
  • Why and how do certain materials attract or repel? (science)

Summer Term

  • What was life like for people living during the Stone Age? (history)
  • How are rocks and fossils formed? (science)
  • Can a shadow change in shape and size? (science)
  • How does the North West compare with Mainland Orkney? (geography)


What have we been up to?

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