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Throughout the year, the main focus in Year 6 is about supporting pupils to become confident, organised and independent learners , so that children are prepared for the transition to high school . As part of this, children in Year 6 have the opportunity to carry out a number of positions of responsibility around the school. Children are seated in mixed ability groups when they arrive in the morning and throughout the afternoon. Reading, Writing, Spelling  and Maths are taught in ability groups. 

The children in Year 6 will be taught by Mr Garside. Children are encouraged to work independently, but also to collaborate in pairs or small groups. 

Click here to download a detailed subject overview of the curriculum in year 6 or click here to download a copy of our year 6 non negotiable (Maths, Reading and Writing) curriculum leaflet.


Day to Day Routines in Year 6

  • Home reading books are changed weekly.
  • PE takes place on a Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Enquiry homework tasks are set every other Friday and are due in by the Wednesday before the next task is set.
  • Spelling sessions will take place 3 times per week.  Children are to practise the spellings from the year 5/6 list. There will be no weekly tests.


Over the year the children will explore key topics within Science. Some of the topics will link with the current enquiry being covered, however some will run as a separate enquiry. The topics stated in the new National Curriculum for Year 6 are as follows:

  • Living things and their habitats-How are living things classified into broad groups from observable characteristics?
  • Animals including humans-How does the circulatory system work? How are nutrients and water transported within animals?
  • Evolution & Inheritance-How have animals and humans changed over time ?
  • Light-Does light always travel in a straight line? How does the human eye work?
  • Electricity-How can different components be used to make different circuits?

Enquiry Curriculum Themes

Across the year the children will cover a range of enquiries, which can be seen below and one whole school enquiry each term. 


How did the Vikings and Anglo Saxons struggle for the kingdom of England?

What was the impact of the Battle of Britain on local children?


How does America change over North America the further North you travel?

How does Mexico city compare with others around the world?

Are all mountain ranges across the world the same?

Useful links

Maths resources

White Rose Maths Home Learning Resources

Hit the Button

Year 6 Arithmetic Practice Papers

Active learning links

iMoves – Interactive resources include Quick BlastsActive Blasts and other Supporting Resources – and keep coming back because we will be adding and changing activities every day!

The Body Coach – interactive P.E. Lessons 9am Daily

General resources

(A wealth of resources for learning) Free access code – UKTWINKLHELPS or PARENTSTWINKLHELPS

The homepage for our home and school reading resource.

The homepage for our home maths resource.

A wealth of resources for learning and is well worth a visit!

Click the pictures below to go to some more useful links


KS2 Bite Size Revision


Crazy Crabs


Grammar Glossary and Quiz

Click here to visit the National Geographic site, which is great for a range of geographical facts. 

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Class questions and answers

Check this space for questions set by Mr Garside. A question will be set by 9am. The correct answer will be revealed by 12:30pm. Post your answer (in the comments section below) and leave your initials only e.g. MG (in the name section)

***NOTE – Once you have posted your comment, it may not appear straight away as it has to be approved.

Question 1 for Y6 Children (Monday 23rd March) – Come with me as we play GUESS THAT ANGLE!

Estimate the size of this angle

Question 2 for Y6 Children (Tuesday 24th March)

This question requires you to think and give a reason for your choice

Question 3 (Wednesday 25th March)

a). Who inspires you?

b). What do aspire to be when you’re older?

Question 4 (Thursday 26th March)

– Scenario – You’re now the teacher of a class in school for one day only. What would you do in that day?

Question 5 – (Friday 27th March)

51 replies on “Year 6”

Answer = 9cm

Area of white = 4 x 4 = 16
Area of blue = 65
Total area = 81

I know that a square has all the sides of the same length and 9 x 9 = 81 ; therefore, the length of the large blue square is 9cm.

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