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Leading Learning

Over the past 10 years we have been developing our subject leadership approach at Unsworth, to ensure that all teachers and teaching assistants are involved in the development of our bespoke enquiry based curriculum. Throughout this period of time we have built our curriculum from scratch and across all foundation subjects we have built up a systematic leadership model to ensure that standards have been raised.

The “Leading Learning” course offers participants the opportunity to learn about the Unsworth Task Team approach to subject leadership and also a chance to see the impact that a whole school approach can have on all areas of the curriculum. If you are interested in the course and would like to book a place contact our school office directly to register an interest or book a place.

Course Outline

This is a joint practice development opportunity for subject leaders to evaluate and reflect on their own approach to subject leadership. It aims for leaders to:

  • Understand how to develop a whole school approach to subject leadership.
  • Develop an overview of key leadership steps to implementing an effective system.
  • Reflect and evaluate their current practice.

Session 1 - Creating a subject leadership model

  • Consider and evaluate different subject leadership models.
  • Learn about the Unsworth Task Team subject leadership model.
  • Look at the use of subject position papers, priority area action plans and real time development sessions.
  • Conduct a learning walk around school linked to a specific subject area/skill.

Session 2 - Developing assessment in foundation subjects

  • Unpick the role of schemes of work.
  • Find out about the Unsworth subject specific route maps and assessment grids.
  • Assessment in Action-undertake book scrutiny and pupil interviews.
  • Examine subject specific digital portfolios as an evidence base and consider how these have eased workload.

There will be a practical post session task after session 1, which will be conducted back in school in learning pairs in the form of a learning walk. All resources will be available electronically through an app called Trello. Participants will have the opportunity to see the impact of subject leadership and use a range of self-evaluation processes to consider their own school’s approach.


Testimonials from Participants of Leading Learning

“Refreshing to hear a school has taken ownership, invested in curriculum design and developed it through leadership.”

“Brilliant stuff going on at Unsworth. Thanks for sharing it.”

“The perspective gained from dialogue with other professionals is vital.”

“I have enjoyed the collaborative aspect of the course and the opportunity to discuss the curriculum.”

Leading Learning