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Our children begin to develop their skills and understanding of Art within the Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception Class). Through exploring imaginatively, our children make choices, develop self-expression and engage with a wide range of art, craft and design learning experiences. As children move through the different age phases, we continue to apply these principles to provide a high quality art curriculum that enables all pupils to develop secure knowledge, understanding and skills linked to a wide range of artists and designers and the techniques they use.

Each year group will focus on a range of projects where they will explore different ways in which their ideas and imaginings can be realised and communicated.  Children will develop an appreciation of the importance of experimentation, trial and error, original thought and self-expression. As children move through school, they will find connections between the different projects and make links between the work of significant artists, craftspeople and designers. 

Our curriculum aims to develop children’s understanding of the big ideas of art and their ability to work artistically.

We have identified a number of artists from different times and different parts of the world in order to educate our pupils about the great artists, architects and designers and how they influence and contribute to the cultural tapestry of our nation.

We use the Cornerstones Curriculum to enhance our art offer.

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