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We believe that art allows children to develop practical skills and knowledge using a variety of materials and techniques so that ideas can be planned and developed both successfully and imaginatively. Through the subject, children should be able to make choices and develop visual perception and environmental awareness. Also, they are taught to recognise the aesthetic pleasure of art and learn how to be able to express opinions about their own and others’ art work.

Our art curriculum is planned with the intent to develop our pupils ability to work both independently and collaboratively on art projects, whilst understanding and responding to the world around them through visual or tactile means.

A crucial part of our approach is fostering an awareness and understanding of the potential of line, shape, colour, pattern, texture, tone, form, materials, tools and communication of what children see, feel and think. At our school our pupils are given time to be able to study/observe images and artefacts from different periods, cultures and traditions; applying this knowledge to their own work.