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Our children begin their science journey within the Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception Class) through playing, exploring and thinking critically.  This enables them to develop knowledge and understanding of both the world and themselves. As they move through the different age phases, we continue to apply these principles to provide a high quality science curriculum that enables all pupils to develop a secure understanding of scientific knowledge and skills.

 Each year group focuses on a range of units of work which include key concepts of science knowledge (the big ideas) and the key ideas of how we work scientifically. The development of spoken language, including technical vocabulary and the application of mathematical knowledge to collect, present and interet data are also an important aspect of the science curriculum helping learners to articulate the big ideas clearly and precisely.

Our curriculum aims to develop our children’s understanding of the 10 big ideas of science and the ability to work scientifically.

This involves asking simple questions and investigating, observing over time, pattern seeking, identifying, classifying and grouping as well as researching using secondary sources. 

We have identified a number of scientists from different aspects of science, different times and different parts of the world in order to educate our pupils about the important work scientists do and how it affects their lives today.

We use the Cornerstones Curriculum to enhance our offer.