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Do you have a child due to start school in September 2021?  Unfortunately we cannot arrange visits to look around the school this year due to the current Covid situation. However please call or email us so that we can provide you with the most up to date information. If you have any specific questions we will be happy to answer them.

Please  telephone the school office on 0161 766 4876  or email us at Please leave your child’s name address and date of birth if we don’t already have this information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Important dates to note

November 2020 - Information on how to apply is distributed to parents.
15 January 2021 – Deadline for applications. Applications received after 15 January 2021 will be treated as late applications.
19 April 2021 – Emails will be sent after 2.00 p.m. for those that applied online. Letters will be posted for those that have applied by application on 19 April 2021.